James Reynolds Biography

James Reynolds

Birth Name:James Reynolds
Birth Place: Oskaloosa, Kansas, U.S.
Profession: Actor


Born and raised in Oskaloosa, Kansas, James Reynolds didn’t follow a traditional path to acting. After graduating high school, he joined the Marines and became a reporter for The Windward Marine service newspaper. After, he was sent to Vietnam where he served with various units.

Upon returning to the United States, Reynolds majored in pre-law and journalism at Topeka’s Washburn University, only joining the theater department to meet girls. Before long, he was enamored with acting and began appearing in school plays.

Following a gig as a film reviewer for the Topeka Daily Capitol, Reynolds moved to Los Angeles, where he quickly began amassing guest spots on primetime. Then, he was cast as Abe Carver on Days of our Lives, a role that would last for three-plus decades, albeit for a brief stint on fellow NBC soap Generations.

In addition to acting, Reynolds and his wife own and operate the Fremont Centre Theatre in South Pasadena. The pair were named Business Persons of the Year by the South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and one of the Pasadena Weekly’s 100 Most

Fast Facts

  • August 10, 1946 — Birthdate
  • Co-starred with Vincent Price in CBS’s Time Express in 1979.
  • He was awarded the Heroes and Legends TV/Film Award in 2004, which recognizes outstanding contributions in the entertainment industry.
  • Is named on the Kansas Historical Society’s list of famous Kansans, a list that includes such notables as President Dwight Eisenhower, Amelia Earhart, Langston Hughes, Barry Sanders, and many others.
  • He annually hosts a “Bowl-a-thon” in Los Angeles to benefit the National Asthma Center and a celebrity basketball game in South Pasadena for the city’s schools.
  • Owns and operates the Fremont Centre Theater in South Pasadena, California with his wife Lissa, since 1997.
  • Enjoys basketball and Racquetball.
  • Reynolds has been involved in more than 300 fundraising events in the last ten years.


  • Lissa Layng — Spouse
  • Laura Toffenetti — Ex-spouse
  • Jed Reynolds — Son


As a young man, James Reynolds was a journalist for the Topeka Daily Capitol in Kansas. After having the opportunity to interview Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas and Peter Fonda about how to make it in Hollywood, Reynolds was bit by the acting bug. He moved from Kansas to LA and quickly became a working actor. In 1981, James snagged the role of Abe Carver on Days of Our Lives.

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James Reynolds Photos

Actor (8 Credits)

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Days of Our Lives (TV Show)

13203 — 2017
13202 — 2017
13201 — 2017

Abe Carver 2017

Cheers (TV Show)

Pitch It Again, Sam — 1991

Fireman Jim 1991

Generations (TV Show)

Henry Marshall

Highway to Heaven (TV Show)

Country Doctor — 1988

Dr. Sims 1988

Time Express (TV Show)


Days of our Lives Friday (TV Show)

Days of our Lives Monday (TV Show)

Days of our Lives Wednesday (TV Show)

Guest (6 Credits)

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Crook & Chase (TV Show)

James Reynolds — 2013


Crook & Chase (TV Show)

Thaao Penghlis — 2013


Living Live (TV Show)

Living Live — 2007


In the Loop With iVillage (TV Show)

2007 March 08 — 2007


Soap Talk (TV Show)

Soap Talk — 2006


Urban Style (TV Show)

Urban Style — 2005


Weakest Link (TV Show)

Celebrity Edition: Daytime Stars — 2002


Appearing (2 Credits)

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I Wanna Be a Soap Star (TV Show)

Another Dying Day — 2007
How the Other Half Lives — 2005

2005 - 2007

Soap Talk (TV Show)

Soap Talk — 2005


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Urban Style (TV Show)

Urban Style — 2013


Soapography (TV Show)

Kassie DePaiva & James Reynolds — 2005