Nurse Whitley Drugged Poor Abe Into Submission

DAYS recap for Wednesday, July 5, 2023: This Misery-lite melodrama takes a seriously dark turn.

nurse whitley found a dark way to keep abe carver in line on the days of our lives recap for wednesday, july 5, 2023.Abe Carver cries as he realizes he may never escape Nurse Whitley.

In today’s Days of our Lives recap, Whitley King goes to great lengths to ensure that Abe will never, ever leave her.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Chanel (Raven Bowens) and Talia (Aketra Sevillian) achieve rapprochement(ish), Lani (Sal Stowers) questions everything but her husband’s love for her, Rafe (Galen Gering) and Jada (Elia Cantu) flout departmental rules, and Salem rings in the 4th of July. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

DOOL Recap: Origin Story

At Whitley’s (Kim Coles) apartment, Abe (James Reynolds) was flabbergasted to see “Theo” on his TV screen. What was his son doing in one of his wife’s stories? What the Hell was going on here?

After staring dumbfounded at the unfolding drama — superbitch Lorna DeLorean (Lauren Koslow) tasked employee Randy Jones with impersonating Lord Kyle Von Furstenburg, bastard son of Lady Charlemagne de la Croix, heir to the de la Croix fortune — Abe scanned the credits. No Theo Carver. But, the actor playing Randy was one Jerry Prentiss.

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So, Theo wasn’t Theo. Whitley has been lying to him. What else has she been lying about? With that question repeating in his addled noggin, Abe resolved to hop into his nearby wheelchair and wheel himself to safety.

Opposite this, Whitley swung by Paulina’s (Jackée Harry), ostensibly to offer her condolences but really to find out whether or not Abe’s loved ones were buying the explanation of his “passing.” Paulina welcomed Whitley into her home and praised her dedication to her patients.

Whitley waxed on about her devotion to Abe — she’d voted for him each and every time he ran for office and even volunteered on a campaign or two — and revealed that she’d witnessed his and Paulina’s marriage from afar.

Surprisingly anything but creeped out, Paulina took the news in stride…just as she did Whitley’s platitude that she’d been lucky to have had Abe for as long as she did.

Before Whitley took her leave, Paulina bid her relay Abe’s last words. After some quick thinking, Whitley declared that Abe had said Paulina’s name. Paulina termed Whitley an angel, thanked her, and insisted that she’d never know how much good it did her [Paulina] to hear that.

Her mission accomplished, Whitley headed back to her apartment and ran smack into a fleeing Abe. He confronted her about Jerry and refused to believe the lies that she spun. Realizing she was fighting a losing battle, and with Abe threatening to involve the cops, Whitley dosed him with a mild [read: paralyzing] sedative.

Days of our Lives Recap: Lost Girls

While on litter patrol, Talia overheard a desperate Chanel begging and pleading with her flour vendor to deliver the order necessary to reopen the bakery the very next day. Once Chanel was off the phone, Talia again apologized for the role she played in Abe’s plight and inquired as to Chanel’s staffing situation.

She had indeed hired a new girl — one who’s conscientious, punctual, and trustworthy…even if her oatmeal scotchies aren’t on par with Talia’s. Despite herself, Talia was jealous, but she hid it well. During a subsequent convo with Jada, Talia fessed up to missing working at the bakery [which apparently was far and away more fulfilling than toiling as a doctor] and Chanel.

days of our lives recap for july 5, 2023, has chanel talking with talia who is doing community service.
Chanel Dupree spoke with Talia while she was doing community service.

DAYS Recap: Make It Make Sense

At the cop shop, Lani (Sal Stowers) poured over Abe’s case file and took exception to the fact that her father was declared dead on such flimsy evidence. She was also put off by the fact that the one eyewitness to Abe’s tumble into the drink was a failed actor with barely any credits to his name [not to mention the fact that Eli wouldn’t cop to actually enjoying the occasional episode of Body and Soul].

After reuniting with Rafe and making Jada’s acquaintance and learning that she’d soon have to say goodbye to Eli [owing to his being called away on fairly urgent F.B.I. business] Lani asked that her husband take her to the site of Abe’s disappearance.

On the fog-drenched dock, the couple ran into Theo (Cameron Johnson) and Jerry [and really rather stymied Jerry’s apparent attempt to confess his crimes] and Lani paid her respects at the shrine dedicated to Abe.

Days of our Lives Recap: Red, White, And Blue

Lani and Eli’s next stop was the Horton House — to see Doug (Bill Hayes) and Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes), natch — and then a jaunt to the park in order to take in the 4th of July fireworks. It wasn’t much of a way to ring in their anniversary, but seeing as how Eli was heading west [and Lani was to become Rafe’s responsibility] it would have to do.

days of our lives recap for july 5, 2023, has eli and lani grant sharing a kiss on a picnic.
Eli Grant and Lani share a kiss under the fireworks on Days of our Lives.

Elsewhere, Theo and Paulina took in the sight of the fireworks via a live stream [on peacock, perhaps?] as did Whitley and Abe. While the nutty nurse delighted in the spectacle, all Abe could manage were tears.

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