DAYS Recap: Mayor Rawlings Makes A Fool Of Forgetful Abe

And all this because Chanel Dupree really needed a win.

clint rawlings called out abe carver on the days of our lives recap for tuesday, august 15, 2023.Mayor Clint Rawlings let Abe Carver best himself.

In the Days of our Lives recap for August 15, 2023, Abe is left with metaphorical egg on his face when he attempts to reclaim his lofty position.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, lovelorn Johnny winds up the loser yet again, and Gwen is confronted by quite a confusing sight. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: Public Humiliation

While Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) groused to Marlena (Deidre Hall) that Abe (James Reynolds) intends to reclaim the mayorship despite being clearly unprepared for what exactly that entails, Steve (Stephen Nichols) did his utmost to convince his buddy to stop and think.

Sure, Abe’s plan is a killer one right out of an episode of Body and Soul — race over to the square, crash Acting Mayor Clint Rawlings’s (Grayson Berry) press conference, and announce his triumphant return — but isn’t it all too much too soon? The press will be salivating for Abe to fail, and they’ll happily broadcast said failure for the whole town to see.

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Abe growled that Steve isn’t the arbitrator of what he is or isn’t ready for and resolved to get his job back. Proud Paulina (Jackée Harry) — who’d joined the men mid-argument — preened over Abe’s declaration.

Cut to the estranged couple interrupting Rawlings’s attempt to announce his intentions for the rest of his administration’s term. Cue Abe’s prepared statement: “As of this moment, I am returning to my full duties as mayor of Salem, and my first official act will be to reopen my stepdaughter’s bakery.”

The gathered reporters descended into a frenzy, and Rawlings lashed out. He insisted that he’d been morally justified in shutting down Sweet Bits and had followed the letter of the law. Paulina strenuously disagreed and accused Rawlings of abusing the power of town bureaucracy to carry out a personal vendetta.

Abe demanded Rawlings’s resignation on his desk by the end of the day, but Rawlings steadfastly refused. It would be a dereliction of his duty to turn the running of the town over to a man who is not in full control of his faculties. When Abe persisted, Rawlings arranged for the press to barrage Abe with questions he had no answers to. Smooth move.

DAYS Recap: Always The Fool For Love

No sooner had Chanel (Raven Bowens) admitted to Paulina that she still has romantic feelings for Talia (Aketra Sevillian) than Talia arrived on her doorstep. Surprised, but pleasantly so, Chanel bid Talia enter.

Before Chanel had much of an opportunity to speak, Talia attempted to walk back her confession of having feelings for her. But that wasn’t going to work for Chanel. She doesn’t want to forget what Talia said. And, truthfully, she’d be lying if she said she doesn’t feel…something for Talia as well.

Opposite this, Johnny — who’d earlier made tentative peace with Talia — swung by Marlena’s office hoping they could finish their chat from the evening previous…namely the possibility that he might still have romantic feelings for Chanel.

After having a long think, he’s concluded that he’s 100% sure that he’s still in love with Chanel and wants her back…but that poses a whole heap of problems. Firstly, Johnny’s not sure that he should act on his feelings. Secondly, is it possible that Johnny is merely wishing to play white knight, to swoop in and save his ex-wife? And then there’s the “pretty serious play” he just made for Wendy Shin (Victoria Grace). And, of course, the Allie of it all.

Marlena cooed that love was always worth the risk and that Johnny was a courageous young man who could handle whatever happens — even Chanel not returning his sentiment. So, off to Chanel’s apartment Johnny went. But before he could knock on the door and make his presence known, Johnny overheard Chanel and Talia making plans for a night out on the town. And not just a night out, but a full-blown date.

DOOL Recap: Fancy Seeing You Here

Meanwhile, in Iceland, Dimitri (Peter Porte) was heartened when Leo (Greg Rikaart) made his presence known, so much so that he faked a rumbly tummy to get out of adventuring with Gwen. Post coitus, the men made plans to meet up yet again (and again, and again; Leo’s attack of conscience be damned!) and readied to part. Unfortunately, Leo opened the door to a wholly surprised Gwen.

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