DAYS of Doom: Why Talia Hunter Was Set Up to Fail

Are Talia Hunter’s DAYS numbered?

days of our lives talia hunter double images.Talia Hunter deserved better.

Aketra Sevillian is an appealing young actress, and it was nice to see Marcus Hunter’s other daughter pop up on Days of our Lives. We were initially intrigued by Talia. Why did she forgo being a doctor to work in a bakery? Who would catch her eye in Salem? What secret was she hiding? We were set up for some fun and intriguing revelations. What we got was a bust…from which the character can never recover.

Days of our Lives: Criminal Minds

Fans were interested in Talia’s familial relationship with Jada (Elia Cantu). They were interested in her potentially romantic relationship with Chanel (Raven Bowens). And then it turned out that Talia was lying to both of them. For the lousiest and, worst, most boring of reasons.

Oh Talia Hunter: A Boy Like That Will Kill Your Brother

It turned out that Talia only moved to town, got a job — and flirted — with Chanel on the order of a guy. Colin (Jasper Newman) wanted revenge on Chanel and Paulina (Jackée Harry), so he made Talia do his bidding. She trashed Paulina’s office for him. She poisoned Sweet Bits’ biscuits for him. And, ickiest of all, she was willing to sleep with Chanel…for him.

DOOL: First Impressions

Sure, Chanel says she misses Talia. She even agreed to go to dinner with Talia. But if they ever try to go past being just friends and into lovers again, all we’re going to remember is the first time it almost happened: When Talia was literally being pimped out by a slimy guy. That’s kind of sick. The taint will never leave Talia’s relationships.

Talia Hunter: All Around the Town

And it will continue to linger over any other relationships. Whether Talia is pushed in Johnny’s (Carson Boatman) direction or any other eligible single Salem citizen, Talia will always be haunted by what brought her to town. And the viewers right along with her. This character has, sadly, been trashed. She likely isn’t long for the soap.

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