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Second DAYS Chances: Will Johnny And Chanel Reunite?

Without the Devil, can it be smooth DAYS ahead?

days spoilers speculation about a reunion for johnny and chanel.Will these two DAYS sweethearts reunite in Salem?

DAYS spoilers teased that Wendy Shin chose Tripp Johnson over Johnny DiMera because she’s convinced Johnny is still hung up on ex-wife Chanel. But that’s Wendy’s opinion. Johnny denied. And Chanel has other irons in the fire, as it were. So is there a chance these two could still get back together?

DAYS Spoilers Speculation: Friend Zone

They’re just friends now, 5% of the audience insists. Johnny (Carson Boatman) was begging Wendy (Victoria Grace) to pick him and not Tripp (Lucas Adams), while Chanel (Raven Bowens) is still mooning over Talia – even after her baking buddy almost got her whole family killed. These are not two people pining for each other…or needing any more complications in their lives.

Days of our Lives: To the Devil With Him

Chanel can never have romantic feelings for Johnny again, 11% of you insist. Sure, we know that it was the Devil who made Johnny treat Chanel so badly. And even Chanel knows that. In theory. But it’s still pretty hard to believe. And after the guy you just impulsively married 24 hours ago makes a fool out of you in front of the entire town, you’re not going to just skip back into his arms. Especially considering his lame excuse for it…

DAYS Spoilers: Go For It

This needs to happen, 84% cheer. Johnny and Chanel’s marriage should never have ended. Really, how often do you get the chance to say literally “The devil made me do it?” They were never given a chance at happiness, and it wasn’t either her or his fault. This isn’t a case where they had insurmountable problems. Well, the devil can be fairly insurmountable. But they fought him off. Now let’s pick up where they left off. If they fail then, at least they’ll know they gave it a try. And they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.

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