Days of our Lives: What Does Whitley Want From Abe Carver?

How will Whitley know she’s won one of these DAYS?

what does nurse whitley want from abe carver on days of our lives.Nurse Whitley surely has a plan of some sort.

Every time Abe Carver comes up with a question on Days of our Lives, Nurse Whitley has a clever answer for why there are no wedding pictures of them, or why she doesn’t wear a ring, or how Abe isn’t the mayor anymore.

Days of our Lives Polling

Whitley (Kim Coles) is always one step ahead of her hostage. But how long is this supposed to go on? What does Whitley really want from Abe (James Reynolds)? Here’s what fans think might be going on here.

Days of our Lives: Abe Carver, I Thee Wed

She obviously wants to marry him, 13% point out the obvious. They just “renewed” their vows on Abe’s actual anniversary in front of several stuffed cats. How could this be anything but Whitley’s fantasy of being Mrs. Carver and living happily ever after? As long as Abe never leaves their little love nest.

DAYS: Daytime Drama

Whitley is a soap fan, 36% reminded. She has 15 years of her favorite show on tape! Who even has tapes anymore? Obviously, Whitley wants to live inside her show. And that means lies, deception, scheming, amnesia, and weddings. Whitley is living out all our dreams of diving into a soap and becoming a major player within it. Abe gave her the perfect opportunity to be a soap vixen. Who wouldn’t jump on it?

DOOL: Who Knows What She Wants From Abe Carver

We doubt Whitley herself knows, 51% of the audience sighs. This wasn’t the act of a criminal mastermind. This was a crime of opportunity. Whitley saw her chance to grab Abe when he mistook her for Paulina (Jackée Harry), so she leaped on it without any thought of what her endgame might be. Now she has Abe. And they’re married. And they’re playing house. Why can’t this go on forever? Whitley is a nurse. She can make sure Abe is never well enough to leave. And she can have him all to herself forever.

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