Days of our Lives Homecoming: Should Abe Carver’s Captivity End?

Is it time for Paulina Price to ride into this Days of our Lives rescue?

days of our lives abe carver is still a captive.Abe Carver should return soon.

Abe Carver spent his Juneteenth wedding anniversary on Days of our Lives as Nurse Whitley’s prisoner. Except he doesn’t know he’s a prisoner. She keeps feeding him stories about how she’s his wife, and he keeps falling for it.

Days of our Lives Polling

How long is this supposed to go on? All summer long? Until Election Day? Martin Luther King Day? His and Paulina’s (Jackée Harry) second anniversary? Is it time for Abe (James Reynolds) to come home? Here’s how viewers voted.

DAYS: Time For My Close Up

Less than 1% of voters think it’s too early to end this story. Abe needs more time to grow closer to Whitley (Kim Coles) so that when Paulina does track him down, there will actually be some drama to be mined. As things stand now, he’ll dump Whitley without a second glance, and we’ll be stuck scratching our heads, wondering what any point of that story was to begin with.

Days of our Lives: Soap Break

We really don’t care what happens to Abe and Whitley, 2% admit, but we cannot have him being rescued until Abe has finished watching all 15 years of Body and Soul. That’s the soap opera we’re truly invested in now. We want all that big-haired, big-shoulder pad goodness, with the slapping and the death glares. If DAYS isn’t going to deliver the soapiness we want, then don’t you dare take Body and Soul away from us!

DOOL: Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig

Cut it out already, 97% are not feeling particularly patient these DAYS. What is the point of this story? We know Abe won’t fall for Whitley long-term. We know he won’t get her pregnant, or legally marry her, or do anything that will make Whitley more than a momentary diversion. She’s not being written like a real character, so it’s not like we will get a chance to really know her. Just pull the plug already and move on.

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