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DAYS Spoilers Speculation: Amnesiac Abe Turns To a New Woman

Has this been Abe Carver’s DAYS match all along?

days spoilers speculation about abe's new love.Abe Carver.

DAYS spoilers are suggesting Abe won’t be getting his memory back anytime soon. And that means he won’t be moving back in with Paulina — or even acknowledging her as his wife (unless he’s trying to get his job as mayor back). No matter how many times Paulina busts in on him, or yells that he does so love her, so remember how wonderful she is already, it doesn’t seem to be happening.

DAYS Spoilers Speculation

But that doesn’t mean Abe (James Reynolds) needs to be lonely. He might even fall in love again. With a new…yet very familiar…woman.

Days of our Lives: Out of the Past

Marlena (Deidre Hall) first met Roman (then Wayne Northrup) when she was being stalked. Roman was assigned to protect her. Roman, and his cop partner, Abe. Roman and Marlena fell in love. And Abe kind of hung around, telling them both how great they were and how much he supported their union.

DAYS: Truth Be Told

But what if Abe fell in love with Marlena, too? Only there was nothing he could do about it. So for almost 40 years, Abe kept his feelings to himself. He watched Marlena with Roman (Josh Taylor). He watched Marlena with John (Drake Hogestyn). He was their best pal, and he never said a word about his own feelings…until he lost his memory.

DAYS Spoilers: New Man

Amnesiac Abe, however, doesn’t remember loving Marlena. But he also doesn’t remember suppressing his feelings. Or why he would have done so. So when amnesiac Abe goes to Dr. Evans for therapy — because everyone eventually goes to Dr. Evans for therapy — he might be surprised by his feelings. He won’t understand them. But he will feel them.

And, this time around, he might even act on them. Because he doesn’t remember any reason not to. Who will be more upset? John? Paulina? Or Roman? Because this development might make him reevaluate his entire relationship with Marlena…and with Abe.

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