Days of our Lives Midterm Election: Who Should Be The Next Mayor?

Is there anyone who can fill Abe Carver’s shoes these DAYS?

days of our lives who should be mayorAbe Carver, Kate Roberts, and Rafe Hernandez.

Abe is not doing well on Days of our Lives. He has amnesia, and while we all know that’s, at best, a temporary condition in Salem – like a cold – there will likely be a pretense of removing him as mayor. Now, we’re pretty sure the Deputy Mayor expects to continue in the position. That’s what a Deputy Mayor is for.

Days of our Lives Polling

This is a town that exists out of time – remember, they’re still a year ahead of the rest of us. So maybe the law is different there. In that case, who should be the next mayor? We’ve got almost 3,000 votes – which is way more than people who matter in Salem.

Salem: In With the New

How about Kate (Lauren Koslow), 5% suggest. She worked well with Abe (James Reynolds) back in the day. And, let’s be honest, she’s got nothing better to do. Kate is strong, smart, sensible, and sane. Well, as sane as anyone in Salem could get. They’d be lucky to have her. Just don’t ask about her position on letting criminals escape justice by faking their deaths.

Days of our Lives: Open Book

Abe should not be replaced, 40% insist. So, he’s got amnesia, so what? That’s actually a positive for a politician. He can honestly say that he doesn’t remember voting for that law before he voted against it. He can honestly say he doesn’t remember approving that kickback, or the time he let his stepdaughter have an entire Thanksgiving with her family in prison while all the other inmates made do with turkey sandwiches. And we all know he’ll be better any minute now. So, just keep his position open until he returns.

Unemployment Insurance

Rafe (Galen Gering) just got canned for breaking the mayor’s own law. Obviously, he should run for office, bounce the Deputy Mayor out on his ear, change the rule against officers fraternizing with subordinates, then step aside, pop Abe back into the office, and get his old job back. It all makes perfect sense for a winning 55%.

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