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DAYS Spoilers Wild Speculation: Gwen Exposes Dimitri And Steals His Fortune

DAYS spoilers tease Gwen plays Dimitri like a fiddle in all the right ways and winds up with all his money.

days of our lives spoilers wild speculation. three images gwen, dimitri, leo.Gwen Rizczeck beats Dimitri at his own game on DAYS.

Gwen took her vows expecting a fairytale ending, but DAYS spoilers hint she’ll get anything but. Oh, sure, her husband will treat her like a queen, but behind her back, he’ll still be playing with her bestie. That secret affair can’t stay on the down-low forever, though. 

DAYS Spoilers Wild Speculation

Dimitri (Peter Porte) seems like the perfect man on the outside. He’s hot, passionate, and a RICH rich. Gwen (Emily O’Brien) basically won the lottery when she won him. Except, she didn’t really win at all. He’s bedding Leo (Greg Rikaart) on the sly and not even hiding it all that well. We predict she’ll soon find out…and Gwen will play the game instead of blowing up. 

DAYS: The Truth Sets Gwen Free

We can see it now, not only does Gwen find out Dimitri and Leo are betraying her, she’ll find out the REAL reason Dimitri rushed to marry her. It wasn’t love. It was money. A lot of money. The money he won’t even have access to until they’ve been married for a year. Well, well, well…that’s interesting. 

It won’t take long for Gwen to come up with a plan. Divorcing him now won’t do her any good. She has to ride out this wave and get to the payday. That’s exactly what she will do. She’ll sit back, let Dimitri and Leo have their “secret” fun, and collect all the evidence she can — texts, pictures, maybe even a video or two. 

Heck, Gwen may also play it super smart and drop her birth control and get pregnant with a little DiMera. Why not? A baby won’t just give her a great connection to a powerful family, but also, why not collect some child support when she takes him for alimony? She deserves all the cash she can get. 

Days of our Lives: A Slow Play 

One year and one day after taking her vows, Gwen will lawyer up, show her evidence! She’s dropping her cheating husband and taking him for all he’s got! The family trustee may as well just sign that big, fat inheritance check right over. That fortune he used her to get will be all hers in the end. Dimitri will be left divested with his bank account drained. 

As for Leo, Gwen may forgive and forget since he played a hand in making her a very rich woman. Not enough to still be friends, but enough to not run him out of town. He can have his “Magic Penis,” and Gwen can dry her tears with hundred dollar bills. Think this wild speculation could really happen? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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