Back For More: Should Abe and Paulina Reunite on Days of our Lives?

Days of our Lives Paulina and AbeDays of our Lives Paulina and Abe

On Days of our Lives, Paulina Price was all ready to forget her Abraham and give romance with TR Coates another shot. That is, until she discovered Abe Carver’s bleeding body hidden in the apartment. TR got threatening, and daughter Lani Price Grant shot her bio dad dead.

Days of our Lives Polling

Now Abe (James Reynolds) is in the hospital and Paulina (Jackée Harry) has taken the blame for TR’s murder. Is now the perfect time for these crazy kids to give love another shot?

DOOL: Perfect Strangers

Absolutely, 48% of the audience cheers. These two were meant to be. Paulina is constantly lying to Abe about things like his daughter’s paternity, his daughter’s criminal activity, etc. And Abe…well, Abe doesn’t have a lot of choices, does he?

You’d think a handsome, powerful, successful guy like Abe would be beating women off with a stick. (Not that he would ever raise a hand, much less a stick, at a woman.) You would be wrong. So if Paulina is the best he can do, then, sure, yeah, go ahead…get back together.

Days of our Lives: ‘Fess Up

A slightly smaller 41% of you would be willing to give Abe and Paulina another shot…if she comes clean with him about who really shot TR (William Christian), and why Paulina is insisting she did it — even though her story doesn’t add up. Maybe if she proved she could be honest about…something…you’d be more inclined to believe her feelings for Abe.

Better ‘DAYS’

Our Abe can do so much better, 11% insist. Maybe a woman who doesn’t lie as easily and automatically as she breathes. Maybe a woman who seems to truly care for him, instead of just seeming to like Abe for the obvious catch he is. Maybe a woman who has demonstrated a moment of sincerity, and not just cutesy banter and aggressive eyelash fluttering.

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