What Happened: Christine and Paul Williams Are Done on Young and the Restless

Is this the end of this Y&R couple?

paul williams and christine williams on young and the restless.It's the end of an era on Y&R.

Christine came back to The Young and the Restless to investigate the death of longtime nemesis Phyllis…and to announce that she and her husband Paul were over. This happened off-screen. But the consequences will be happening on-screen. What do fans think of this marriage coming to an end?

Young and the Restless: Move On

Oh, who cares, 22% of you dismiss, all it means is that Chris (Lauralee Bell) can finally be free to reunite with her true love, Danny (Michael Damian). These two should have been together all this time. Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) ruined that — but we’re not allowed to point that out during this period of Phyllis’s canonization. With Phyllis “dead” and Paul (Doug Davidson) in Portugal, there’s nothing stopping these kids now!

Y&R: Growing Up

This is ridiculous, 28% of voters are fuming. Paul and Chris were ideally matched. This was the grown-up relationship after all their childish, immature flings. They supported each other, and they loved each other. We refuse to believe otherwise. It’s obvious the show didn’t play out their break up on screen because there was no way to make it make sense.

Christine and Paul Williams: Young and the Restless Ending

And then there are the winning 50% of viewers who are relieved to finally be told something. For so long, Christine acted like Paul didn’t exist, and we were curious. We’re not thrilled with the news, but we are thrilled to have received an update. We get that their marriage petered out to an end. Neither one seemed to be putting too much effort into it. Christine never talked about what she and Paul were up to or what was going on in their lives. Obviously, they had better things to do. Well, now they’re both free to do it. Maybe Daniel will let us in on what his daughter’s grandfather is up to periodically, but for Christine, those days are over.

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