Christine Williams Reveals Her Marriage To Paul Is Over

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday, April 11, 2023, brings a surprising admission from Christine.

christine williams is sad over the end of her marriage in the young and the restless recap for april 11, 2023.Christine admitted her Y&R marriage is over.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Christine Williams confessing that things with Paul are over after months of struggle.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Plus, Chance finds poison in Phyllis’s suite after both Summer (Allison Lanier) and Jeremy insist he finds Phyllis’s murderer. Nick tells Victoria that he told her so when it came to McCall Unlimited. Devon dashes Tucker’s hopes by announcing he won’t buy McCall Unlimited, which thrills Victor. Phyllis sees where Summer plans to hold her memorial. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless Recap: Christine Williams Reveals It’s Over

Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and Christine (Lauralee Bell) talked over lunch at Society. They couldn’t believe Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) was dead. Christine took a call from Chance (Conner Floyd), and he let her know that the toxicity report from Phyllis’s blood sample came back, and she had a fatal level of alkaloids in her blood…possibly from strychnine. She told Chance to make a case for her.

Lauren said that Phyllis wasn’t supposed to die — she had too much life left to live. She cried about the plans she’d had for their future, and Christine looked ill. Christine agreed it was heartbreaking to lose the future you expected to share with someone, and Lauren picked up that the District Attorney wasn’t talking about Phyllis. She explained that things with Paul were over.

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Christine explained that things had been off between her and Paul for months, and she said at Christmas, they’d gone away to see if they could fix things. However, they realized they couldn’t repair their marriage. Lauren gave Christine her and Michael’s support and she pointed out that she could understand her complaints about Paul, being his ex-wife and all.

Summer came into the patio at Crimson Lights and saw Chance. She said she needed his help to expose her mom’s murderer. Summer insisted that Phyllis’s death wasn’t an accident, and she let Chance know that Diane threatened her mom’s life the night she died. However, Chance didn’t want Summer involved in the investigation.

Summer insisted that Chance show up at Phyllis’s service to study everyone’s demeanor, and he admitted he planned to. Of course, she pointed to Diane, and Chance tried to get her to stop pushing a certain theory. Ultimately, Chance let Summer know the results of Phyllis’s bloodwork, and he cautioned her to stay out of the investigation.

Summer said it was Diane who’d poisoned Phyllis. Again, Chance told Summer that she should keep the details between them because he was building a case. Summer said she’d stay quiet about it if he came to Phyllis’s celebration of life, and she promised to give Chance the details of it when the time was right.

Later, Chance showed up at Phyllis’s suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, and he wondered why Jeremy (James Hyde) was there. Again, Jeremy insisted that Diane was responsible for Phyllis’s death. He wanted to know everything Chance had, but Chance declined to give him details about the investigation. He did have some questions for Jeremy.

Chance pointed out that Jeremy would inherit a large portion of Phyllis’s estate, but Jeremy said he didn’t have time to do the paperwork yet. Ultimately, Chance shared his theory that Jeremy wanted the money, so he killed Phyllis and framed Diane. Jeremy denied it, and he painted a picture of a burgeoning love story.

Jeremy went on and on about how scared Phyllis was of Diane, and they thought that Jeremy could protect her. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out, and Chance thought it was odd they didn’t go to the police with their concerns. Jeremy told Chance to stop blaming the victim, and Chance said that was his plan. Jeremy left, and Chance began searching the suite.

In his search, Chance found something on the floor, and he put it in an evidence bag. Jeremy knocked on the door, and when Chance opened it, Jeremy insisted that Chance search Diane’s room. He also let Jeremy know that his room was available to search, and he suggested the detective do a better job than he had on the case involving Nikki’s necklace.

After Jeremy left, Chance called in the evidence, which was a commercial bottle of strychnine. He wanted to know the details about it.

Young and the Restless: I Told You So

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) was at her desk on the phone, and Nick (Joshua Morrow) walked in. She was surprised to see her brother at work, considering Summer had just lost her mom. Victoria wasn’t all that surprised that Nick said Summer didn’t want his help planning things. She advised her brother to give Summer some space.

Victoria reiterated that she was putting her plans to buy McCall Unlimited on hold, and he wondered what she was planning. Nick basically said I told you so when Victoria said what her objections to making the acquisition were. Victoria wanted to move on, but Nick wanted to savor the moment.

She let her brother know that their dad wasn’t happy with her decision, and Victoria said she’d told Victor to buy the company with his own money. They talked about Adam and Victor doing so much for him, and Nick said they would both do the same things for their children or even each other.

Young and the Restless Recap: Victor Newman Isn’t Happy

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor (Eric Braeden) had lunch at Society. Victor wasn’t pleased with Victoria’s ungratefulness. Nikki took up for their daughter, and she pointed out that it was business…not personal. However, Victor told Nikki that Victoria refused to buy McCall Unlimited to keep Adam out of it.

Even so, Nikki said she understood Victor being upset, but she appreciated that he was letting Victoria have control of the company. Victor didn’t like that because Nikki was suggesting he keep his hands off of whatever Victoria did. Ultimately, Victor declared that Adam was his priority over any of his siblings.

Nikki met Summer at the Abbott mansion, and the doorbell rang. It was Nick. Summer wondered if her whole family was plotting against her, and Nikki admitted that they all loved her. Nick told his daughter that they were all there for her, and she said she was furious because Phyllis should not have died. Summer almost spilled the beans about the poison, but she stopped herself.

Nikki and Nick told Summer to get used to having them around. Summer admitted that she felt that her mom was still watching over her, and she was glad that her grandma and dad came over. All she had left to do for the memorial was to nail down the location…the most important part. Nick wondered what was so important about it.

At the crappy motel room, Phyllis got a notification on her phone. She saw that Summer had planned the memorial for the Neil Winters Jazz Lounge. “What are you up to, Summer?” she wondered.

Y&R Recap: Family Business

Devon (Bryton James) welcomed Tucker (Trevor St. John) into his penthouse. They discussed not taking life for granted, and Tucker reminded his son that they had to work hard if they were going to build a better relationship.

Tucker brought up Devon buying McCall Unlimited, and Devon let him know that he’d worked things out with Lily. Devon declined to buy his father’s company. Tucker seemed stunned, and he didn’t know what to do with McCall, but Devon told him that Jill would buy it as long as Tucker wasn’t part of the deal.

That didn’t really work for Tucker because he wanted to sell to Devon only, but Devon thought they could have a personal relationship without business. Tucker reminded his son that they were cut from the same cloth — both lone wolves. Devon tried to leave, and Tucker got agitated, yelling that he’d truly changed.

Later, Devon joined Victor at Society after Nikki had left. Victor asked Devon for a life update about Dominic and Devon’s involvement at Chancellor-Winters. Devon explained he’d dropped the lawsuit and planned to try again with Lily. He slyly let Victor know that he knew Victor was the silent investor that kept Jill from taking the company public.

Victor said he wished Neil was still there, and he said he’d witnessed too many fights between his kids, so he wanted to bring peace where he could. Devon wondered if Victor invested to get his hands on Chancellor-Winters, and Victor said his main concern was Newman Enterprises. In the end, Devon wondered if Victor invested so that he could buy McCall Unlimited.

They toasted to Devon returning to Chancellor-Winters. However, Victor admitted he didn’t want to get into a bidding war for McCall Unlimited. Devon let Victor know that he wasn’t going to buy the company. Victor admitted that was the outcome he’d hoped for.

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