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New Young and the Restless Job: Should Adam Accept Jack’s Offer?

Young and the Restless Adam and JackYoung and the Restless Adam and Jack

As Billy Abbott pointed out on The Young and the Restless, Jack Abbott has always had a soft spot for Adam Newman. Which is why, after Adam relayed the latest way in which he’d been screwed over by his family, Jack suggested that Adam come work for him at Jabot.

Young and the Restless Polling

Unlike Jack’s son and daughter-in-law, for whom he’s just bought an entire company, Adam actually graduated from business school. And college before that. And he’s worked for someone other than his family. This makes him the ideal hire for Jabot! But should he accept?

Y&R: Two Birds, One Stone

Not only is this a logical move for Jack (Peter Bergman), but it would drive Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) absolutely insane. Sure, Adam (Mark Grossman) can get back into the business world, where he’s always thrived. But, more importantly, it would drive Victor absolutely insane. Did we mention that already? It would drive Victor absolutely insane. Does Adam do anything for any other reason, 71% of The Young and the Restless fans ask.

The Young and the Restless: Work It Out

An inverse 17%, on the other hand, are being a bit more cautious. This should be good for both Jack and Adam, and they need to really iron out the details, first. Whom would Adam be reporting to? More importantly, would his new position put him in direct conflict with Newman Enterprises? We’re not sure if that will be a bug or a feature for Victor’s youngest boy.

Family Above All

Adam owes Victor and only Victor his loyalty, 11% of The Young and the Restless viewers insist. He has no right going to work for anyone else and sharing not just Newman’s industrial secrets, but the brain power that he obviously inherited from Victor, with a mere Abbott. This is the height of disloyalty, and Victor doesn’t take it well. You don’t want to hurt the man’s feelings, do you? Not after everything he’s given – and taken away from – you!

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