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Martha Byrne Joins Soap Hub Fireside Chat Honoring Elizabeth Hubbard

Martha Byrne will visit Soap Hub to pay tribute to the late, great Elizabeth Hubbard.

martha byrne will be joining soap hub for a fireside chat in tribute to elizabeth hubbard.Join Martha Byrne in paying tribute to Elizabeth Hubbard.

Martha Byrne played Lily Walsh, daughter of Lucinda Walsh, portrayed by Elizabeth Hubbard, for many years on As the World Turns. Now, Byrne is coming to Soap Hub for a Fireside Chat to share memories of her friend and former co-star, who recently passed away. Soap Hub newsletter subscribers, mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 18, at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT. That’s when three-time Daytime Emmy-winner Byrne will be joining us.

Martha Byrne: Lily was Lucinda’s “Pussycat”

Byrne joined ATWT in 1985 as Lucinda’s daughter. In 1986, viewers learned that Lucinda was not Lily’s birth mother — Iva Snyder (the late Lisa Brown) was. For over a year, Lucinda and Iva battled to keep the secret of Lily’s true maternity from her. It came out accidentally after Iva thought Lily’s birth father, Josh Snyder (AKA Rod Landry, played by William Fichtner), was attacking her.

Byrne and Hubbard played out several more dramatic tales, including Lily dissolving her adoption after she discovered Lucinda kept silent about Lily’s husband Holden (Jon Hensley) being alive. This was after part of his brain had been removed. Other storylines included Lily and Lucinda battling evil Orlena Grimaldi, and the two were nearly killed by Lucinda’s step-grandson Evan Walsh.

Byrne and Hubbard remained close following both Byrne’s exit from ATWT and the show’s cancellation in 2010. The two actresses took part in The Talk’s tribute to ATWT in 2016 as part of CBS Daytime, celebrating 30 years as being No. 1 rated. They appeared at the Daytime Emmys in 2018 as presenters in the category for Outstanding Lead Actress. Hubbard won the inaugural Daytime Emmy in that category for her role as Althea Davis on The Doctors.

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Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 18 at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. for Soap Hub’s Fireside Chat with Martha Byrne.

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