Five Fast Facts About Grand Hotel Star Demián Bichir

Grand Hotel Demián Bichir July 11, 2019Grand Hotel

Demián Bichir currently stars as Santiago Mendoza on ABC’s new show Grand Hotel but there’s a good chance you’ve seen him in other things from his long career. Bichir has not only been in successful movies like The Hateful Eight, but he’s also starred on shows like Weeds and The Bridge.

From his very successful acting family to recent tragedy in his personal life, here are five fast facts you need to know about Grand Hotel star Demián Bichir.

In the Beginning
Bichir was born in Torreón, Mexico and is the son of two actors, Alejandro Bichir and Maricruz Nájera. Not only were his parents in the business, his two brothers, Odiseo Bichir and Bruno Bichir, are actors as well! He started performing at a young age in Mexico and won awards from the Mexican Association of Theater Critics.

Real Life vs. Reel Life
Over the course of his career, Bichir has played two very famous Latin American revolutionaries. He first played Emiliano Zapata in the television miniseries, Zapata: Amor en rebeldia, in 2004. He then played Fidel Castro in Che: Part One and Che: Part Two, which was released in 2008.

Top Honors
Bichir is just the second Mexican actor to be nominated for a Best Actor Oscar (the other being Anthony Quinn). He got the nomination in 2012 for his role in A Better Life. As a kind gesture, Bichir sent a bottle of tequila to his fellow nominees that year, which included Jean Dujardin (who won), George Clooney, Gary Oldman, and Brad Pitt.

Soap Opera Marriage
Bichir married Mexican singer and actress Lisset in 2001 after dating for a few years. The couple apparently met while filming a soap opera. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 2003. Bichir then went on to have a daughter with another former girlfriend.

Personal Tragedy
Bichir started dating Stefanie Sherk, who was an actress herself, in 2011 and the two married. Tragically, she committed suicide and died on April 20, 2019. Her cause of death was drowning. The couple did not have any children together.

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