Top Five OMG Moments From Grand Hotel Episode 4

Grand Hotel July 9, 2019Grand Hotel

On the fourth episode of Grand Hotel, it was all hands on deck at the Rivera Grand. Even the glamorous Mendoza family had to roll up their sleeves and do some heavy lifting, vegetable slicing, and lightbulb changing when a staff sickout left the hotel short-staffed.

Below are the top five OMG moments we absolutely loved from Grand Hotel’s latest episode entitled The Big Sickout. See if our list matches up with your own.

Time To Strike
Desperate to raise the $200,000 that Mateo’s (Shalim Ortiz) blackmailer is demanding, Santiago (Demian Bichir) told Helen (Wendy Raquel Robinson) he was canceling the staff bonuses. When Helen made the announcement, front desk attendant Noah wiped his fellow workers into a frenzy and convinced over half of them to call in sick.

Undeterred, Santiago declared that he and his family would pick up the slack. Santiago took over the kitchen, Carolina and Yoli were staffed in the restaurant and spa respectively. Alicia (Denyse Tontz) was sent to the laundry where she and Danny cleared up that misunderstanding about his and Carolina’s night together.

Blast From The Past
Gigi (Roselyn Sanchez) found herself entertaining a VIP guest (and past acquaintance) Victor Calloway, who revealed the shocking news that he has been in contact with Gigi’s first husband, Felix.

Turns out Felix is a criminal who stole money from his clients and Gigi refuses to have anything more to do with him. (Now we know why Santiago is so strapped for cash – he was one of the victims of Victor’s scheme.) Not taking no for an answer, Victor tracks down Carolina and tells her about her father.

Health Crisis
Helen’s husband Malcolm (John Marshall Jones), the head of maintenance, is saddled with Javi (Bryan Craig) – his generous allowance from Santiago cut off. While changing blown lightbulbs in the hallway, Malcolm collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital. There, he revealed to Helen that the doctors have found something troubling.

Santiago arrived at the hospital to check on Malcolm and finally told Helen the real reason he had to deny the bonuses: he is indebted to some very shady people. And Mateo is no loyal and trusted advisor- he is the man delivering the new bosses’ orders.

Hero Or Villain?
Danny (Lincoln Younes) is able to piece together the blackmail note that Mateo tore up and threw into the trash, and it appears he is one step closer to finding out the truth about Sky.

As the episode ended, the person that Danny has been phoning all season is revealed to be a young woman who appears to be his girlfriend. Could it be that Danny is a dirty rat who has been cozying up to Alicia and all the time cheating on another young woman waiting for him back home?

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