Top Five OMG Moments From Grand Hotel Episode 3

Grand Hotel Eva Longoria July 2, 2019Grand Hotel

In the third episode of Grand Hotel that aired Monday night, Mateo found himself at the mercy of a blackmailer (and shared the news with Santiago!), Alicia got the wrong end of the stick, and there was a shocking implication that something was majorly wrong with Mama Mendoza.

Below are the top five OMG moments we absolutely loved from Grand Hotel’s latest episode entitled Curveball. See if our list matches up with your own.

The Kiss Off
For the second day in a row, Mateo (Shalim Ortiz) found an unwanted gift sitting on his desk. This time it was a note with a threatening message, asking for $200,000 or they’d reveal the truth about Sky Garibaldi’s disappearance. Mateo thought he spotted the man but when he cornered him with a gun, the guy kissed him! D’oh!

In The Heat of the Moment
Alicia (Denyse Tontz) found it increasingly difficult to make things work with her new boss. Instead of using her common sense, Alicia spitefully gave in to every outrageous demand that El Rey (Jencarlos Canela) made simply because she knew it would anger Gigi (Roselyn Sanchez).

Her plan backfired spectacularly when a fed-up Gigi suspended Alicia. Then Gigi let slip that she and Alicia’s mother were friends because Gigi was able to keep all of Beatriz’s secrets.

New Clue
Danny (Lincoln Younes) spotted someone driving Sky’s old car (great action sequence by director Eva Longoria), and after losing it once, saw it again and was shocked when he finally found out who was driving it — Ingrid (Anne Winters)! Did she have something to do with his sister’s disappearance? Turns out they used to be roommates.

He and Jason (Chris Warren) set up a staff get-together at the local bar so Danny could subtly ask Ingrid questions about Sky. Later, someone prowling around in Sky’s old room attacked Jason. The next morning Danny found a love letter — addressed to Sky — that the burglar had tried to steal.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving
Carolina (Feliz Ramirez) spent the entire episode trying to entice Danny into her bed. After consuming too much alcohol at the bar, Carolina made Danny take her to the hotel. Back in her room, Carolina tried to undress Danny but he pulled away. It’s just too bad that Alicia saw him coming out of her step-sister’s room with his shirt unbuttoned.

Helen (Wendy Raquel Robinson) confronted Gigi and warned her to be careful when talking about Beatriz. After all, nobody wants the truth about that woman to come out. Later, Gigi flashed back to finding an upset Beatriz who insisted that she had done something so bad that Santiago would kill her for it.

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