Forgive and Forget: Should Tripp and Allie Fall In Love On Days of our Lives?

Allie and Tripp Days of Our LivesAllie and Tripp Days of Our Lives

On Days of our Lives, Tripp and Allie first met in London. She got drunk, he took her home – and left. A year later, she accused him of raping her and fathering her son.

Days of our Lives Polling

She threatened to shoot him and refused to listen to his denials. Then she learned that she remembered wrong: Tripp (Lucas Adams) didn’t rape her, Charlie (Mike Manning) did. Sorry, dude, honest mistake, no hard feelings, K?

Of course not, Tripp said. You are not at all to blame for almost ruining my life forever. Now they’re spending time together, bonding over baby Henry. Should this lead to romance? What over 7,000 viewers told us:

Soul Mates

It wasn’t even close, as 68% of the audience voted them a perfect match. She’s pretty, he’s attractive, and, most important, they are not biologically related. Do you know how hard that is to find in Salem?! And they have oodles in common, starting with the hell the past year has been for both of them.

Play It By Ear

A smaller 25% of you are taking the wait-and-see approach. They might have romantic potential, but, right now, it’s still kind of tough to separate what they’ve been through in the past from what they might mean to each other in the future.

How is, every time he looks at Henry, Tripp not supposed to think of how he was accused of being his father? Not to mention, aren’t they both too young to be settling down and playing house?

Impossible Dream

Only 7% can never get past how this relationship started, and they don’t believe Tripp and Allie (Lindsay Arnold) will be able to, either. Friends, maybe. Uncle Tripp to Henry, perhaps. But love is a bridge too far, and it’s one they can never cross. Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listing for air times.

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