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Allie and Tripp? Three Reasons This Days of our Lives Pairing Can and WILL Work

Allie and Tripp? - Three Reasons This Days of our Lives Pairing Can and WILL Work

They didn’t exactly have a hearts-and-flowers beginning on Days of our Lives. Allie wrongly accused Tripp of rape and, at one point, even threatened to shoot his manhood away.

Days of our Lives Chemistry

But the exceptional chemistry that’s developed between actors Lucas Adams and Lindsay Arnold has clearly made the show’s writers sit up and take notice. That’s why this Salem pairing can and WILL work.

Initial Attraction

Forget about the duo’s initial interactions in Salem, when Allie thought Tripp was the guy who attacked her and left her pregnant. Yes, she slapped him. Yes, she pointed a gun at him. Yes, she called him all kinds of despicable names, but that was before she knew the truth.

Instead, think back to the night the couple met at that London club. There was obviously an attraction between the pair. Tripp spotted Allie across the room and asked her to dance. Although she initially turned him down, he approached her later and they ended up chatting.

Tripp even took her home, when he realized Allie was too drunk to drive. He was the perfect gentleman, putting her to bed and leaving her a note with his name and number. If Charlie (Mike Manning) hadn’t intervened, Allie and Tripp might have started dating in England. Now they’ve got a second chance, and they deserve to take it.

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That Family Thing

A Johnson hooking up with a Brady? Days of our Lives has already done that with Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), and it’s worked out beautifully. They’ve been a Salem supercouple since the 1980s. Having Steve’s son and Kayla’s great-niece develop a romance is the perfect plot move, and their families are sure to approve.

Interestingly enough, Allie and Tripp are following in Steve and Kayla’s footsteps. Albeit Tripp’s a good guy, while Allie’s a bit of a wild child. They’re actually the exact opposite of Steve and Kayla in their younger days. Who knows — maybe somewhere down the line Tripp will tame Allie the way Kayla tamed Steve. And Allie can start calling Tripp a nickname comparable to “Sweetness.” He’s definitely earned it.

Oh Henry

Nothing brings two people together like a baby. So the fact that Allie’s son, Henry, is Tripp’s biological nephew gives the pair an instant connection. Tripp’s already shown interest in the fatherless little boy. He’s even volunteered to help Allie take care of her adorable son and shown that he’s a natural at it.

Nothing warms a mother’s heart more than seeing a man show genuine affection for her child. It would be a novel and interesting path to lead the young twosome to fall in love. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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