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Fateful Tripp: Who Is the Right Days of our Lives Woman For Him?

Fateful Tripp: Who Is the Right Days Of Our Lives Woman For Him?

Tripp’s name has finally been cleared on Days of our Lives. He is no longer considered a rapist. There’s no risk of him going to jail. And it makes dating a lot easier. Now that the world is his oyster, which woman should Tripp set his eyes on? What almost 3,000 fans told us about that:

Days of our Lives Polling

A majority 85% of you would like to see Tripp (Lucas Adams) with Allie (Lindsay Arnold). Sure, she accused him of rape and almost ruined his entire life. But, you know, bygones!

And it’s not like she’ll be traumatized by all those times that Nicole (Arianne Zucker) convinced her to visualize Tripp as her rapist, or Tripp carries any resentment for being forced to defend himself against a crime he didn’t commit. This is a relationship that should have no obstacles to getting hot and heavy – and romantic!

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Better Together

Claire (Isabel Durant) and Tripp were already romantically involved – before he decided to marry Haley (Thia Megia) to keep her in the country… and Claire decided to set them both on fire for it. But, you know, bygones, say 13%! Claire got some therapy and now she’s sane-er. She and Tripp can give it another shot. This time with less crime – on both their parts. Once again, post-traumatic stress disorder? What’s that?

Chock Full Of Nuts

Then again, 2% feel that if Tripp leans towards the crazy – and Claire and Allie would suggest he definitely does – why not lean in all the way and consider Claire’s loony-bin roommate, Gwen (Emily O’Brien)?

She claims she was only faking the insanity, but she wasn’t faking the evil. Like Tripp, she came to Salem to get revenge on the daddy who she thought rejected her. Just like Tripp! They have so much in common. Why not team up? Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listing for air times.

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