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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Jessica Serfaty

Soap Hub Performer of the Week for DAYS: Jessica Serfaty

Love her or loath her, lithe and lethal legal eagle Sloan Petersen and her portrayer, Jessica Serfaty are the catalyst that DAYS has needed for quite some time.

Jessica Serfaty — Performer of the Week

“Hell hath no fury like a bitch with an axe to grind,” so sayeth Paulina Price Carver (Jackée Harry), and boy does Serfaty’s bitchy, furious alter ego have plans to make her enemies pay. But first, breakfast. Being bitchy and furious takes a lot out of a person.

Unfortunately for Sloan, the bakery that makes her favorite bear claws is shuttered due to the owner being forced to spend her morning removing the graffitied epithet ‘MURDERER’ off her storefront. Was Sloan responsible for the terror campaign? Absolutely not, Serfaty swore, adding an inflection that practically screamed HOW DARE THEE ACCUSE ME!

Sure, proprietress Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) is on Sloan’s [expletive] list, but the lawyer has never approved of the destruction of public property. And besides, she really wanted a pastry. She hates Chanel. HATES her! Hates her with the passion of a thousand suns, but damn if the girl can’t bake.

Also, Sloan could care less that Chanel is among the free persons of Salem because, as she’s quick to remind, “The inmate who took your own cell is none other than your mother.”

Speaking of Paulina, Sloan had a few things to address (read: get off her chest) with the governor-elect so she high-tailed it to the holding cells at the Salem Police Department and arrived just in time to hear her rival declare how she’d love to slap the smug smirk off Sloan’s face. “Go ahead, take your best shot,” a chirpy, self-assured Serfaty offered, somehow making it a request, a demand, and a threat all rolled into one.

A verbal joust between the two women followed, Harry and Serfaty matched each other barb for barb. The sight of Serfaty snacking on and brandishing — wait, is that, could it be, did Chanel actually open up Sweet Bits to make her a bear claw? — a pastry of some sort throughout the scene was an added delight. You got to love an actor who knows how to best use a prop.

Seemingly well aware of the fact that one-note villains don’t win over an audience, Jessica Serfaty managed to also temper her character with true depth of feeling. She wasn’t all vitriol and venom.

“If you think that nailing you and your daughter makes me happy, you’re wrong. I loved my mother and nothing I do will bring her back to me.” Underneath the layers of snark was the girl who lost her mother who tragic, wholly avoidable tragedy. Kudos.

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