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Days of our Lives’ Paulina: Reformed Schemer or Setting A New Trap?

DAYS Paulina Price

Days of our Lives’ Paulina Price has said all the right things and done all the right things since her underhanded plans for Horton Town Square were exposed. She’s made an apology tour around town and followed it up by halting the demolition of Tom Horton and Alice Horton’s legacy and erection of Price Town. But is she truly a reformed schemer or setting a new trap?

Days of our Lives: Nowhere Else to Go

The reaction to Paulina’s construction plans – pretty much venom and furor on all fronts, really didn’t leave her much of a choice. She had to say she was sorry and let go of her dream of the riches that a shopping supercenter would bring her or risk permanently alienating her family and friends.

Her niece, Lani Price Grant (Sal Stowers), cut her off. Her daughter, Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens), announced she was done with her. And her new boyfriend, Abe Carver (James Reynolds), expressed his outrage and disappointment over Paulina lying to him and using their relationship to get him to push her shifty plans forward.

DOOL: Sincerely Sorry

What else could Paulina do but repent? Absolutely nothing. So she did. On the surface, her regret and remorse appear sincere. Her apology to Horton heir, Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes), seemed heartfelt. And telling Chanel that her dream of opening Sweet Bits bakery was back on, now that Pricetown wasn’t happening, looked to bring her true motherly joy.

Salem fans can only hope that Paulina’s learned her lesson and turned over a new leaf. A reformed version of the character is what good guy Abe deserves if there’s any chance of them moving forward with that relationship. Wild child Chanel really needs a mother who’s a good role model, too, while Lani won’t stand for anything less.

DAYS: Or Doubling Down?

The other possibility is that Paulina is lulling everyone into a false sense of security, making everybody think she’s learned her lesson and turned over a new leaf. Inwardly, she could still be wheeling and dealing. She could be doubling down and concocting a bigger better plan to make beaucoup bucks in Salem.

A businesswoman as wealthy and ambitious as Paulina is all about making money. That’s not going to change overnight. She could simply be waiting for a more lucrative opportunity to come down the pike, and then go in for the kill. In the interim, the citizens of Salem — and Abe, in particular — need to keep their eyes wide open, so they don’t fall into Paulina’s next trap.

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