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DAYS Spoilers Spec: This Will Be Paulina Price’s Next Move

DAYS Spoilers Paulina Price

Now that DAYS spoilers have revealed that everyone knows that Paulina plans to replace wholesome Horton Square, not with adorable mom-and-pop stores manned by marginalized populations but by a large, bargain store (where marginalized populations, as opposed to gentrifiers, can actually afford to shop).

DAYS Spoilers Spec

She has a choice – go forward with her plans and earn the ire of wholesome Hortons and their friends (not to mention a ton of money), or rip up the documents Mayor Abe Carver (James Reynolds) so foolishly signed, and claim she’s earned the error of her ways. Here is what almost 4,000 speculated that she’ll do:

DOOL: Better Ask Forgiveness Than Permission

A majority of 53% of the audience has seen DAYS spoilers and speculates that Paulina (Jackée Harry) will go ahead and do what she always intended to. But, every once in a while, she will make sad faces, bat her eyelashes, speak in a Betty Boop voice, and claim she is oh, so sorry for making people sad. Won’t they please forgive a poor, widow woman who only wants to provide for her child?

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DAYS Spoilers: Wrong Is Wrong

An optimistic 36% actually believe that Paulina will realize she did a bad thing by lying, and she’ll change her plans. Everyone, come on down and open your bakeries and artisanal olive oil shops! Those are much, much more necessary than a store selling multiple items under one roof!

Days of our Lives: I Got to Be Me

And then there’s the independent 11% of fans who are cheering Paulina on! Get down with your bad self! Do what you want! Show those Hortons they don’t own Salem! Show Abe that he really should read documents before he signs them! And show Chanel Dupres (Raven Bowens) what it actually means to work for your money, rather than believe that the ability to turn out a few muffins in your home kitchen means you’re qualified to run a business.

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