Y&R Recap For November 15: Diane Loses It And Threatens Tucker

Diane seems to think she can outsmart him in a game of wits.

Y&R recap for Tuesday, November 15, 2022

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, November 15, 2022, brings a disagreement over a relationship, a shocking letter of resignation, lots of threats, and so much more. You don’t want to miss a moment.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Today, Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) and Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) disagree about whether or not their marriage is worth saving, and Chance also confronts Devon Hamilton (Bryton James). Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) gets a resignation letter, and she wants answers from Devon. Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) shows up at the Abbott mansion to take on Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson), Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford), and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), while Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) takes Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) to task over dropping the ball. Now let’s dig in a little deeper.

Young and the Restless: It’s Over

Chance told Abby that their marriage wasn’t working anymore, and she cried after she begged him to stick around to talk it out. Abby cried that she couldn’t believe that she blew up their marriage over a lapse in judgment. Chance wasn’t interested in hearing that his wife and Devon didn’t have a connection. He also accepted that he owned some of the blame for what happened.

Chance continued to lay out his evidence that Devon and Abby were inevitable. She insisted what he said wasn’t true, but he kept insisting that they were faltering and divided, especially over his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Abby said the whole thing was her fault, though, but Chance wanted her to face the reality that they were over for good. She wasn’t ready to give up on their marriage, though.

Abby and Chance Y&R Recap

Chance pointed out that, at her core, Abby wanted somebody different than him. He said he couldn’t stick around and try to become the man she wants. Abby cried and asked him about Dominic. Chance agreed he wanted to be part of their son’s life. Abby cried about how rational Chance was. She wanted him to show his feelings through yelling, but Chance just felt it was another thing Abby blamed him for. He said he wasn’t going to comfort Abby. She apologized for breaking their marriage.

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Y&R Recap: Dropped Ball

Tucker asked Audra about the latest on Chancellor-Winters and Jabot. She told him that she preferred to be called a liaison and not a mole, and then she disappointed him by telling him that she didn’t have Jabot details and Chancellor-Winters wasn’t totally set on the initial public offering.

Tucker wondered if Noah Newman (Rory Gibson) was Audra’s problem. He doesn’t like problems or stalled plans. Audra said she wasn’t the issue — she pointed out that Tucker’s motives were personal, which made the whole thing unstable. She also accused Tucker of being unrealistic.

Tucker and Audra The Young and the Restless

She said that Tucker’s plan was an overshoot — he wanted to acquire Chancellor-Winters with Devon running it and to acquire Jabot with Ashley running it. Tucker called it a mutually beneficial partnership for both his son and the love of his life. Audra told Tucker his scheme was laughable, and she said she was a realist who didn’t think Devon and Ashley would turn on their families to work with him.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily worked hard to put out some fires, and she got yet another resignation letter, which didn’t help her stress level. She couldn’t believe it when she read that Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) had left. Amanda did leave her a short list of possible replacements.

She picked up the phone and called Devon. Lily wanted to know what was going on. Later, Devon showed up at Lily’s office, and she took him to task for not letting her know what was happening. She railed about how bad the timing was for their business. Lily wanted to know what was going on with his relationship, but he talked around it. Not easily swayed, Lily wanted to know the truth.

Lily and Devon The Young and the Restless

Y&R Recap: Avoiding

Devon just said he was going to accept Amanda’s decision, but Lily told him to go be with Amanda in Virginia. Devon wouldn’t consider relocating, and he told Lily it was time for him and Amanda to part ways. She realized something was going on, and Lily let her brother know she’d be there when he was ready to talk.

Devon left and headed to Chancellor Park where he remembered his kiss with Abby. Chance arrived, so Devon stood up and told Chance that he didn’t want to insult him. Devon said that what happened with Abby happened without planning. Chance disagreed, and he reminded Devon that both he and Abby had a choice, and they continued with their betrayal. Devon admitted he didn’t deserve Chance’s forgiveness, and he hoped that they could live with the mistake without it affecting Dominic. Devon asked Chance to forgive Abby, but he told Devon it wasn’t any of his business.

Young & Restless Recap: Threats

Diane showed up at the Abbott mansion. She wasn’t at all thrilled to see Ashley, Phyllis, and Nikki. They dropped the bombshell that they knew about Jeremy Stark (James Hyde), expressing their surprise that Diane didn’t end up in prison with him. Diane denied any significant connection to the criminal, but none of the women bought that. Even so, Diane called them pathetic and told them they were done.

However, Phyllis stopped her from leaving and suggested they have proof. Nikki reminded Diane that they had Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) team behind them. Diane mentioned the statute of limitations, which Ashley found curious since Diane supposedly hadn’t committed a crime. The women taunted Diane over Jeremy being angry over her betraying him. They threatened to reach out to Jeremy to tell him exactly where she was.

Nikki and Phyllis Y&R Recap

Diane acted appalled that they would send a criminal after her. She called them pathetic again for trying to destroy her life, but none of the women were willing to think anything differently of Diane. She wondered if they really wanted to push her, considering that they knew what she was capable of. However, Diane said just because she could do it, she wouldn’t. Diane insisted that she’d reformed, but they really didn’t buy it.

Diane wondered why the three women could repent and be forgiven, but she couldn’t. She called them out for trying to make her life miserable, and Diane said it’d be easier to just go away, but she didn’t because of Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor). Phyllis pointed out that Diane loving Kyle didn’t make Diane a saint, and Diane warned Phyllis to leave Kyle out of it. However, she reminded Diane that Kyle was part of her, Nikki, and Ashley’s family. Diane warned them to back off, or she’d turn the tables on them. She left the mansion, slamming the front door.

The women agreed that Diane was close to cracking. However, Nikki warned that they should be alert so that they didn’t fall into Tucker’s traps.

A furious Diane banged on Tucker’s door just as he was leaving Ashley a voicemail. He tried to be a good host, but Diane told him to cut the crap. She accused Tucker of telling Ashley about Jeremy because she told Jack about them in Los Angeles. Tucker said he didn’t care what happened to Diane, and she warned him not to cross her. Tucker revealed that Ashley was his only priority, and he said Ashley wanted Diane to leave. Diane told him that Ashley planned to tell Jeremy Stark that she helped put him away, and Tucker suggested she leave Genoa City. Diane refused his suggestion.

After Diane left, Tucker left Ashley another voicemail, and he updated her on what Diane did. As for Diane, she went to Jabot and texted Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) that she needed to talk to him. Back at the Abbott mansion, the women talked about their next step regarding Diane.

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