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The Young and the Restless Character Recap: Abby Newman

The Young and the Restless Abby NewmanThe Young and the Restless Abby Newman

Thank goodness that Abby Newman on The Young and the Restless possesses some great business savvy because she is never on the ball when it comes to picking out decent and available men.

Who Is Abby Newman?

Abigail Rachel’s conception is a sordid tale. Having convinced herself that she needed to both atone for aborting Victor’s baby in the early 1980’s and experience what life would have been like with said child, Ashley Abbott stole the Newman patriarch’s fertility clinic deposit and used it to get pregnant.

By the time the baby was born, Ashley had decided to allow the world to believe that her husband, Brad Carlton, was her baby’s natural father. Inevitably, the truth was revealed and poor innocent Abby – who had accidentally viewed a videotape of her mother’s confession – was the messenger.

After the breakup of the Carlton marriage, mother and daughter traversed the globe, with stops in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, and following Brad’s death, Abby became the beneficiary of his entire estate.

Star Power
After returning to Genoa City and involving herself with Ryder Callahan and his equally crazy sister Daisy Carter, Abby turned her focus to landing an exclusive deal with a reality show executive.

Desperate to prove that there would be an audience interested in the adventures of “The Naked Heiress,” Abby set about engineering a series of increasingly self-deprecating stunts – chief among them, filling the Chancellor mansion pool with bubble bath before diving in as well as riding a horse into the local athletic club while completely nude.

Fight For Her Rights
When funding for her television project was not forthcoming, Abby – on the advice of her uncle Jack, launched a lawsuit against Ashely and Victor in aide of gaining control of her inheritances.

She was eventually joined in her quest by half-siblings Victoria and Nicholas, and they eventually won $500 million each – though, for her part, Abby eventually regretted her actions.

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More Family Trouble
Despite being free to produce her much-ballyhooed series, Abby filmed exactly one episode before being arrested and tossed in the slammer – the consequence of “indecently exposing” herself at a nightclub.

But rather than dwell on her show’s failure, Abby instead worked to out her mother’s fiancé, Tucker McCall, as a lying cheat. However, her efforts merely resulted in her running the man over with her car and getting Ashley into trouble with the police.

All Her Fellers
Subsequently, Abby entered into a series of disastrous romances. First, there was Carmine Basco, followed by police officer Alex Chavez, and then Tyler Michaelson – whom she lost to Mariah Copeland.

She even initiated an affair with Austin Travers, seemingly content with ignoring the fact he was married to her niece, Summer Newman.

Abby’s first substantial romance was with Ben “Stitch” Rayburn, a doctor who had already dallied with Victoria and Ashley. The young duo swapped, “I do’s,” but were eventually torn asunder by Ben’s son, Max – the direct cause of Abby’s miscarriage.

Her next paramour was Zack Stinnett, whom she later learned was the operator of a sex-slave ring. After a one-night stand with Scott Grainger Jr., Abby was swept off her feet by Arturo Rosales – though he eventually left her for his sister-in-law.

Abby’s love affair with physician Nate Hastings was torpedoed by Newman family shenanigans but a new one might be in the cards for her and Chance. The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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