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Victor Newman Calls Jill To Wreck Sally Spectra’s Meeting

The Y&R recap for Monday, January 23, 2023, brings Victor Newman doing what he does best.

victor newman wearing black against a brick wall young and the restless recap for january 23, 2023Victor Newman

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday brings Victor Newman doing what he does best — pulling the puppet strings to make everybody else dance. Of course, Jill Foster Abbot may be immune to his puppeteering.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Victor (Eric Braeden) worked to ensure his plans for Adam moved forward. Summer begged Kyle not to collude with her grandfather, but he knew better. Nikki and Victoria talked about the former’s concerns over her recent robbery, and Nick showed up to give his sister some bad news. Meanwhile, Traci wished Jack and Diane the best in their rekindled romance, but Diane (Susan Walters) wasn’t quite ready to tell everybody about it. Finally, Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) let Sharon know she planned to stay in Genoa City, and she also got Nate to break plans with Elena. Now let’s take a deeper look at what happened.

Young and the Restless Recap: Awkward Moments

Summer and Kyle continued their arguing. She didn’t like that Kyle (Michael Mealor) seemed to be working with Victor. She reminded him that they’d agreed to stay out of their mother’s drama, and she wanted the agreement to extend to the rest of their families.

Of course, Kyle said he hadn’t decided if he’d work with Victor or not. Summer wasn’t thrilled that she’d had to lie to several family members. Kyle firmly asked his wife to hear him out, and he told her that her grandpa had the best of intentions to bring Adam back into the fold. He insisted that he wanted Adam gone from Jabot, and Kyle let Summer know that he’d taken care of all the risks, but she was skeptical.

Kyle explained he’d told Victor he had to have limited involvement, the move could only affect Adam, and Jack couldn’t find out he was involved. Summer begged her husband to realize how the whole thing could blow up in his face. She wondered if Kyle was trying to prove something to Jack, but Kyle denied it. He let his wife know that he traded his help for the textile factories that Newman had taken over a while ago.

Meanwhile, things got extremely awkward at the Abbott mansion when Diane and Jack ran into Traci (Beth Maitland) unexpectedly. Traci didn’t allow them to hide that they’d spent the night together, and Jack let his sister know that Diane would be spending more time around their house.

jack and diane talk to traci at the abbott mansion
Traci, Jack, and Diane talk.

Diane wanted Jack to stop, but Traci insisted on hearing all about it. He told his sister that he was romantically involved with Diane. Traci kindly offered her congratulations. He also declared that their troubles with Jeremy were over, and Traci was happy to hear it. She also hoped that their announcement was met with the proper amount of support.

After Traci left, Diane worried that telling people about them wasn’t a good idea. She noted that their son wouldn’t be happy to find out about their relationship. Diane wasn’t worried about herself, but she did remind Jack that he had a lot at stake with his reputation. Jack (Peter Bergman) declared he was happy and positive, though. He promised to do everything in his power to make sure he stayed this happy, so he didn’t care what anybody else thought about their relationship.

Diane hadn’t expected Jack to take such a strong stance, though. She suggested that they take things slow — both for their sake and Kyle’s. He agreed.

Victor Newman Makes Plans

At Society, Victor and Nick sat at the bar. Victor wanted to talk, but Nick wasn’t in the mood, so his dad felt it had to do with Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). Victor offered his son a warning, and even though Nick didn’t want to hear it, Victor let him know that something was about to happen with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) that would complicate issues for Nick if he stayed with Sally.

nick newman contemplates life at the bar at society
Nick Newman.

Victor told Nick that Adam’s days at Jabot were numbered, which meant he’d likely turn to his family. Nick didn’t think his brother would do that, but Victor insisted that he would. He demanded that Nick find common ground with Adam and figure out how to get along with each other.

Nick urged his dad to leave Sally alone, and Victor wanted to know why his son was worried. Nick blamed it all on Sally’s new business and meeting with Jill, and he told Victor to get off her case. He also warned his dad that if he was trying to manipulate Adam, it would have the opposite effect of what he wanted.

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At Newman, Nikki updated Victoria about Jeremy robbing her Chicago department. Victoria wondered how either Jeremy or Diane would’ve known about her jewels. Nikki said that Jack had to have helped, which infuriated her. Victoria found that to be a stretch.

nikki and victoria talk in her office at newman enterprises
Victoria Newman and Nikki Newman

Nikki explained that she thought the whole thing had to be Jack and Diane trying to frame Jeremy. Victoria urged her mom to accept the fact that Diane was back in town, and she suggested that Nikki be happy that Jeremy was behind bars. Nikki refused, though.

To change the subject, Nikki asked Victoria about Katie and Johnny, and Victoria was full of praise for her daughter’s dance skills. She updated her mother that she’d had to have pizza night at Chelsea’s, and she worried that their new family dynamic wouldn’t end well.

Nick showed up, and Nikki left for a meeting. Victoria immediately realized that her brother was conflicted about something, and she wanted to know what was up. He distracted Victoria by telling her his suspicions about Victor’s plans for Adam, which of course, exasperated her. She ranted about how terrible that would be for them at Newman Enterprises, and Nick warned that their father couldn’t stay away from the company.

Victor made a video call to Jill. He wanted to talk to her about her business meeting with Sally because there was something Jill needed to know.

Young and the Restless Recap: An Untimely Meeting

Nate and Audra talked shop at Newman Media. He was thrilled with her ideas about companion podcasts, and she was determined to make the most of the opportunity. Nate declared they’d be a great team. Elena (Brytni Sarpy) walked in, and she was stunned to see Audra in Nate’s office, working with him.

nate leans towards audra at newman media y&r recap
Nate and Audra.

Imagine Elena’s surprise to learn that Audra worked for Nate now. Elena apologized for jumping to conclusions, and she wanted Nate to have an early lunch with her. He and Audra had ordered takeout, but she insisted that Nate go to lunch with Elena.

At Society, Elena got Nate (Sean Dominic) to update her on how Audra started working for him. He praised the woman, and Elena proudly told Nate that she’d helped save a patient’s life. He just as proudly offered her his congratulations. Nate remembered that feeling of being on top of the world, and he promised to put together a special celebration for them that evening.

sharon and audra talk at crimson lights y&r recaps
Sharon and Audra

Audra went to Crimson Lights, and Sharon was polite, which surprised the younger woman. Audra happily told Sharon she was permanently relocating to Genoa City. Sharon asked some questions, and Audra told her there wasn’t any need to worry because she was working at Newman Media, and Sharon seemed skeptical about the promotion, but she congratulated Audra.

Back at the office, Audra let Nate know she’d set up a meeting with a contact. The problem was the only time to see her was that evening, and Nate promised to go with her to Milwaukee to the meeting. That meant he had to postpone his plans with Elena.

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