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The Young and the Restless Character Recap: Traci Abbott

The Young and the Restless Traci AbbottThe Young and the Restless Traci Abbott

Throughout soap opera history there have been characters on shows that always have a sympathetic ear for family and friends. They’re the ones who hold their families together. On The Young and the Restless that character is Traci Abbott, played by Emmy-winning actress Beth Maitland.

Who Is Traci Abbott?

Traci Abbott came back to Genoa City, happy to be reunited with her family, but felt insecure around her older, glamorous sister, Ashley. She tried to boost her self-esteem by becoming the fan club president to rock star Danny Romalotti but then Traci was insecure as to whether or not Danny truly cared for her.

Dessert’s On Lauren
Traci went on a diet, hoping Danny would approve of her if she were slimmer. When rival Lauren taunted Traci over her weight, Traci dumped a sundae over Lauren’s head! Traci crashed her car and endured heart damage while on diet pills. Danny had her sing a song at his concert, which encouraged Traci and others to live a healthier lifestyle. But Traci’s road to acceptance was a long one.

College Crush
To help move on from Danny, Traci had an affair with her college professor, Tim Sullivan. Alas, after seeing him with another woman, Traci attempted suicide. It was Cricket who saved her. Danny wed Traci, pregnant with Tim’s child. Alas, she miscarried and the couple had their union annulled. They remained friends, however, and Traci continued to guest perform at Danny’s concerts.

Kept In A Cage

Next, Traci fell for Brad Carlton, the Abbotts’ hunky groundskeeper. They wed but faced obstacles in Tim and Lauren. Lisa Mansfield, Brad’s ex-wife, came to town and kidnapped Brad, held him prisoner in a cage, and led Traci to believe Brad didn’t want her. Pregnant Traci miscarried Brad’s baby. Brad escaped, but it was too late – Traci had divorced him.

The Write Stuff
While Brad flirted with Ashley to make Traci jealous, Traci completed two novels – Echoes of the Past and Epitaph for a Lover. Brad and Traci found their way back to each other and remarried. She gave birth to his daughter, Colleen, but they couldn’t make their marriage work.

They split again and Traci and Colleen moved to New York after Traci fell in love with and married her editor, Steve. In a shocking incident, Brad had a heart attack while making love to Lauren. Traci returned to town and had a physical altercation with her rival in the hospital.

Home Again
After making sporadic returns to Genoa City and The Young and the Restless for family events (like the Abbotts reclaiming Jabot from Victor Newman!), Traci came back for a longer visit with a teen Colleen, her marriage to Steve in shambles.

Traci and Lauren buried the hatchet at the funeral of their pal, Katherine Chancellor (not knowing it was her double, Marge, who had perished). Next, Traci mourned the death of her beloved father after he’d been sent to prison for killing Tom Fisher.

Goodbye, Brad And Colleen

On top of losing her dad, Traci endured the losses of both Brad and Colleen. Brad died after saving Noah Newman who’d fallen into a frozen lake. Before his death, Brad and Traci had shared a tender moment in which he told her she was the one who got away. Then, Traci and Steve had to make the agonizing decision to donate a brain-dead Colleen’s heart to a dying Victor, saving his life.

Frequent Flyer
Traci made regular returns to Genoa City and The Young and the Restless for weddings, christenings, funerals, and family emergencies. She revealed on one of her trips that she and Steve were unable to continue their marriage following Colleen’s tragic death.

Dear, Dina
Traci and her siblings rallied around Dina after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She acted as family peacekeeper when Jack believed he wasn’t John Abbott’s son and it was revealed that Ashley had orchestrated the paternity puzzle.

Traci took over as Jabot’s CEO long enough to dissolve the “blood Abbott” clause Jack had instituted. While incredibly strong, Traci couldn’t help but be affected when her forgetful mother had occasional moments of lucidity involving her siblings – but not with her.

Citizen Cane
While writing a new novel, Traci developed a bit of a crush on Cane, who was used as the model for one of the characters. Traci realized it was best not to pursue a romance with the handsome executive as it might hurt their friendship. Traci has taken on an unlikely collaborator for her next book – her brother Jack! The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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