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General Hospital Character Recap: Dr. Lucas Jones

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Lucas Jones — this young man’s life has been typified by one disaster after another and it’s a bit ironic that he shared a backstory similar to Wiley, the child he reared as his own for a year and a half. Both were separated from their natural mother and sheltered by loving, adoptive parents whom they were eventually ripped away from.

Who Is Lucas Jones?

Lucas is the biological son of Julian Jerome and Cheryl Stansbury. Upon his birth, Lucas was sold by his paternal grandfather, Victor, to Bobbie Spencer through intermediary Mark Broxton.

Though Cheryl had been told her baby was stillborn, she became convinced that she had been lied to and she pleaded with Robert Scorpio, whom she believed to be the babe’s father, to help her investigate.

In the meantime, Lucas was formally adopted by Bobbie and her new husband, Tony Jones, and Robert was named his godfather. When the infant was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, Bobbie initiated her own investigation into his biological family and when she uncovered the truth, she remained mum.

When the truth was inevitably outed, and Bobbie was prevented from absconding with him, Lucas was returned to Cheryl. Mother and son lived together for a time, but Cheryl was later killed in a car accident.

A Valuable Commodity With A Tragic Future
Despite Cheryl’s will bequeathing Lucas to Bobbie, his aunt Tiffany sought custody as well. The resulting trial was acrimonious and after Tiffany outed Bobbie as a teenage prostitute, she nearly lost her husband, Sean Donnely.

In the end, Cheryl’s wish was honored and Lucas moved back in with Bobbie and Tony. In the ensuing years, Lucas lost his older sister, Barbara Jean, and saw his parents’ marriage disintegrate in the wake of her death, Bobbie’s infidelity, and the machinations of his other sister Carly.

During his teenage years, Lucas was diagnosed with dyslexia, poisoned, and used as a pawn by Helena Cassadine and pursued by his adopted cousins, Maxie and Georgie. A brief stint in boarding school followed and afterward he had a brief relationship with Brook Lynn Aston.

However, Lucas would later shock friends and family alike by confessing his status as a gay man. While Tony immediately accepted the fact, Bobbie took time to adjust. As a result of him coming out, Lucas was bullied at school and later physically attacked. In response to the incident and Tony’s untimely passing, Lucas relocated to Seattle with the intention of becoming a doctor, just like his dad.

Boys, Boys, Boys

Years later, he returned to Port Charles to comfort Bobbie in the wake of Carly’s disappearance. He also made the acquaintance of his paternal sister, Sam Morgan and their biological father, Julian — who initially rejected his son for being gay.

At the same time, Lucas met fellow GH staffer Brad Cooper with whom he bonded over being adopted and the sons of notorious criminals. Their instant attraction to one another was hampered by Brad’s involvement with Nurse Felix DuBois.

Eventually, Lucas and Brad were able to find their way to one another, after countless makeup and breakups — usually owing to Brad’s involvement with villains like Britt Westbourne and her mother, Liesl, as well as his status as an already married man!

Father Knows Best
After marrying, the pair decided to adopt a baby — a decision that would prove to be their ultimate undoing, seeing as how the child passed away and Brad switched him for one belonging to Nelle Benson and Michael Corinthos.

When the truth finally came out — at a celebratory farewell party for the Seattle-bound men no less — Brad was arrested and a disillusioned Lucas requested that Alexis represent him in a divorce.

But with so many secrets still waiting to be told — like Julian’s previous knowledge of the switch or his involvement in a car accident that briefly rendered Lucas comatose — what’s next for this frequently-in-peril character? General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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