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General Hospital Wayback: Remember Helena Cassadine

General Hospital Helena Cassadine August 16, 2019General Hospital Helena Cassadine

She’s a coiled cobra in haute couture whom Luke Spencer once called the grand mistress of misery — one of the best quips in soap opera history from General Hospital. Even the normally level-headed Dr. Tony Jones was sure she owned the very bowels of hell.

But just how much do you really remember about this coolly elegant, frequently bejeweled, and murder-minded dowager who wreaked havoc on General Hospital for nigh on three decades? The role was originated by legendary film star, Elizabeth Taylor, who was a fan of GH but she was played by Constance Towers for most of her run.

Since her debut in 1981, Helena’s primary motivation has been to preserve her husband’s great family name. The Cassadines are descended from a long line of Russian royalty, and Helena has fought in vain to exact from her family the high standards she believes such a lineage deserves.

But her devotion to Mikkos is in complete contrast to how the elder Cassadine viewed his wife. In fact, he kept a number of mistresses and produced at least two bastard children.

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While Kristina Bergman’s daughter Alexis was viewed by Helena as a mere neurotic pest who could be easily kowtowed into submission, Mikkos’s other child, Valentin, was a different story. His very presence greatly troubled Helena – in fact, he downright frightened her!

Attention to Detail
Helena is a woman who knows exactly what she wants, how she wants it done, and when she wants it. A few examples of her punctilious nature include bathing in water that is PRECISELY 85 degrees Fahrenheit and sleeping only on lavender satin sheets that have been hand laundered, scented, and pressed.

Gift Bearer
When Helena made her first appearance in Port Charles, she came bearing a large check that she donated to General Hospital and the medical university. The amount paid was a staggering $10-million. But the bequeathment came with two conditions.

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