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Five Fast Facts About General Hospital’s Alexis Davis

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Alexis Davis arrived in Port Charles back in 1996, and General Hospital has never been the same!

Princess Natasha Alexandra Mikkosovana Cassadine — also known as Alexis Davidovitch and finally as Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) arrived on the scene to defend Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) for stalking Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner),

She eventually found her place in the community and has stayed ever since. Here are some facts you may not have recalled.

1. Will The Real Natasha Stand Up
Alexis stayed in town because of her cousin Stefan. Upset about his relationship with Katherine Bell, Alexis tried to convince Stefan that Katherine was really his half-sister Natasha, whom he thought had died. Stefan uncovered her plot and wanted nothing to do with her. Alexis was shocked to learn SHE was actually Natasha!

2. Revenge Best Served Cold
Alexis teamed up with Luke Spencer to get rid of Helena by setting a trap for her but Katherine was presumed dead.

Stefan was accused of her murder so Alexis defended him — and revealed that she was really his sister.

3. Committed Her Second Murder 
Luis Alcazar was a horrible man who killed Kristina, Alexis’s younger sister. He was put on trial for her murder, but the charges were dropped. He taunted a pregnant Alexis, who collapsed and begged him to get help. He didn’t.

She later found him wounded and knocked him off his penthouse balcony, killing him. Alexis ended up defending Jason and Brenda, who were accused of the crime.

4. Faked Split Personality
Skye finally remembered who the killer was — Alexis. But she was found to be suffering from a split personality — that of her late sister, Kristina. In fact, Alexis was faking it so she wouldn’t have to pay for her crime.

5. The Butler Did It
Alexis had named Ned as Kristina’s father and, when she was going through all of the above, Ned had custody of Kristina and a restraining order against Alexis. In order to see her daughter, Alexis dressed in drag — and pretended to be Dobson, a butler for the Quartermaines, for several months.

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