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General Hospital’s Baby Switch Reveal Has Everything A Soap Needs

General Hospital Wiley RevealGeneral Hospital Wiley Reveal

We’ve waited nearly a year and a half for this truly soapy moment and General Hospital is finally delivering on the big baby switch reveal. Thankfully, it has every element we needed to be done just right.

General Hospital Delivers

This reveal could never be done without Nelle (Chloe Lanier), the sociopathic (but oh-so-fun) birth mom who set this whole mess in motion in September of 2018. We knew it would be a while till Michael (Chad Duell) actually learned the truth about his ‘dead’ son with Nelle in jail, but we always got glimpses of Nelle’s life in Pentonville, even if there were months between scenes.

With Nelle rooming with both Wiley’s godmother and the woman who thinks she is Wiley’s grandmother, plus marrying the man who thought he was his father, there were countless opportunities to reveal the truth and we kept thinking it was coming, but it never did.

And that’s because GH was giving us the perfect setup for the ultimate heartache. Lucas (Ryan Carnes) grew more attached to Wiley, not knowing he isn’t the child he and Brad adopted. And, rather than learning the birth mother of the baby who died was someone we knew, we got a brand-new character to care about. And we needed that build up.

Tugging At The Heartstrings

The more we got to know Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) and the closer she got to Wiley thinking he was her baby, the more heartbreaking we knew it would be when she learned the truth. To think we haven’t even reached that moment yet, but it is coming imminently.

We got to watch Brad (Parry Shen) become addicted to Tums and resort to attempted murder when he pushed Liesl off The Haunted Star last summer. Julian (William deVry) returned to his dark side to keep the truth a secret and tried to off Brad — nearly killing Lucas instead.

Waiting For The Nelle and Wiley Fallout

Heck, we even got a months-long coma out of this as Lucas lingered in one after Julian cut the brakes on Brad’s car. Of course, he would wake up with no memory of Brad blurting out Wiley’s true identity just before the crash. And, of course, he would remember at just the right moment.

So, now here we are, Lucas knows the truth. He did not hesitate to call Michael while Nelle is roaming free with a fake passport, fake birth certificate for her son, a boatload of cash, and a vision board.

She took down Willow, is ready to swipe her son, and now we wait for the juicy fallout. Not to mention it all played out in character as Carly took over and yapped the whole hour and Michael didn’t say one word. This is SOAP OPERA and we are HERE for it. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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