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General Hospital Poll Results: Should Nelle Make Off With Wiley?

Wiley and Nelle General HospitalWiley and Nelle General Hospital

The Wiley switch explodes this week on General Hospital, but it’s not just about whether or not Lucas will learn that his child is really Michael’s.

General Hospital Polling

There is also the possibility that Nelle (Chloe Lanier) might grab those fake passports that Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) had made for her, and take off with the tot she birthed by the side of the road — and actually disappear with him for good. Or a long time anyway.

Michael (Chad Duell) always felt a connection to Wiley. And Carly (Laura Wright) couldn’t stop talking about how much her nephew resembled her son as a baby.

Those of us who weren’t in a mental institution at the time and actually remember Michael as a baby might recall Michael’s adorable shock of red hair, which Wiley most certainly doesn’t have.

Also his little troll-like features. Nothing like tiny Winston Churchill Wiley. But, sure, Carly, you pretend you didn’t steal your son from his biological father and dump him on BFF Jason. And that’s what little Michael looked like.

Nelle stole her son from his father and gave him to someone else, too. But now, like Carly, she wants to get away with it, scot-free. Should she? We heard from almost 4,000 fans:

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A majority 52% of General Hospital fans don’t want Nelle to take Wiley from Michael. He deserves to know he’s a dad and to raise his son. God forbid it should also give him some empathy for what Carly and Sonny (Maurice Benard) did to AJ.

Wiley Wins

A smaller 44% would rather Wiley stay with the two dads who love him than end up on the run with a crazy bio mom who doesn’t love anyone but herself. How long before she gets bored and dumps the kid again?

Fair Game

Only 4% are on Nelle’s side. It’s what Michael and Brad deserve. But not Lucas. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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