Top Five OMG Moments From Grand Hotel Episode 6

Grand Hotel OMG Moments July 23, 2019Grand Hotel

Whoever said that a little competition is good for the soul never had to deal with a rival hotelier interrupting their sumptuous charity gala. But that’s exactly the dilemma at the heart of the latest episode of Grand Hotel. While Santiago tried to play nice with his rival, Danny and Jason got a clue, Yoli made a statement, and Ingrid revealed a secret.

Below are the top five OMG moments we absolutely loved from the latest episode of Grand Hotel entitled Love Thy Neighbor. See if our awesome moments match up with your own.

Enemy Agent
The hotel is finding it harder and harder to keep their staff from being poached by the competition next door. Even loyal to a fault Helen (Wendy Raquel Robinson) is feeling the temptation — after all, her hubby needs some major medical attention and The Flynn has one hell of a good health plan.

She takes a meeting with assistant manager Oliver and is impressed with what she sees. So impressed that she gives Santiago (Démian Bichir) an ultimatum: match Flynn’s offer or she’s walking. Not only does Santiago match it but the two hatch an audacious sting. Helen accepted Flynn’s job offer and now the Grand has a (wo)man in the enemy camp.

The Truth Will Out
After having her secret rumbled by Gigi, Ingrid (Anne Winters) was given until the end of the gala to tell Javi (Bryan Craig) the truth about her pregnancy. She initially balked at the threat but when Javi began to compliment her during an intimate moment alone, Ingrid blurted out the truth — leaving the young man devastated.

Everybody Needs Good Neighbors
Fed up with Flynn’s refusal to play nice, Santiago decided to play hardball. After a conversation with Flynn’s foreman, Santiago paid a little visit to the county commissioner and succeeded in getting all work on the competing hotel halted. Flynn promised to make Santiago pay but papa Mendoza seemed less than bothered.

Coming Out
Being in the right place at the right time led Danny (Lincoln Younes) and Jason (Chris Warren) to discover that Yoli was Sky’s secret girlfriend (and Jason’s attacker from weeks earlier). A conversation between the trio resulted in Yoli resolving to come out to her family, which she did when she took to the dance floor with new lover Marissa.

Missed Opportunities
Still torn between his feelings for Alicia (Denyse Tontz) and Heather, Danny finally ended things with Heather over a quick video chat. After, Danny made a beeline for Alicia. Too bad she was getting busy with former college buddy (and new family enemy) Oliver. And Romeo and Juliet though they had it rough.

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