Top Five OMG Moments From Ambitions Episode 4

Ambitions Stephanie and Evan July 9, 2019Ambitions

The lives of the Carlisle, Lancaster, Hughes, and Purifoy clans delved deeper into mystery, scandal, sex, and secrets on this week’s episode of Ambitions, titled Reap What You Sew!

While everyone had zippy dialogue, the show’s best lines went to series lead Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster (Robin Givens). Read on to review the top five moments that grabbed viewers the most!

Dream A Little Dream of Stephanie
A restless Amara (Essence Atkins) woke up to find her bed empty and walked downstairs to discover a nightmare — her husband Titus (Kendrick Cross) making love to archenemy Stephanie! Fortunately, the nightmare was a literal one as Amara soon realized she’d dreamt the horrific scenario.

The Joy Of Tidying Up
Bella (Erica Page) made a big mistake trying to pressure secret lover Evan Lancaster (Brian White) to see her more. He needed her to listen to him, but Bella said his threats were as empty as his promises. Later, she found out that Evan’s threats weren’t empty — but her home mostly was. The place was cleared out except for their son’s bedroom.

Queen Stephanie
Stephanie reminded all of Atlanta (and Ambitions‘ viewers everywhere) that she is in control. She blackmailed Damian Collins — a former, shall we say, “colleague” of Amara’s — into moving to Atlanta to make her rival’s life uncomfortable.

She was just about to instruct her associate, Nick, to pull the figurative trigger on Damian (which could have sent him to prison) when he showed up to agree to her terms. “Don’t be maudlin — it’s not a good look,” Stephanie told Damian when he initially hesitated from doing her bidding.

Purifoy Imagination
Titus went up against opioid king and client Hunter Purifoy (Brian Bosworth) by telling him he wouldn’t bribe a judge because he’d be risking both his ethics and his freedom in the process. Congratulations, Titus! Purifoy says turning down that tasteless assignment was the test. And he passed with flying colors — but did he mean it?

Not So Happy Endings
If you thought Titus asking Amara to take a shower with him and then model her new shoes (and nothing else!) or Lori taking over for Carly’s masseuse was as risqué as the show would get, guess again! It turns out that Evan is involved in an S&M relationship with colleague Daphne Manning! Yikes! Ambitions airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.

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