Top Five Most Underrated Grey’s Anatomy Characters

Addison Montgomery Grey's AnatomyAddison Montgomery Grey's Anatomy

After 15 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy has gone through every character possible. There have been characters we’ve rooted for, characters we’ve despised, and everything in between. While it’s nice to have a balance, there are a few characters who’ve never quite gotten the respect they deserve.

Whether they’re still on the show or they left many years ago, here are the five most underrated Grey’s characters of all time. See if your list matches up with the one below!

Addison Montgomery
Addison (Kate Walsh) was only on Grey’s Anatomy for three seasons, but she left a lasting impact. She could’ve easily been a villainous character who hates Meredith because of her relationship with Derek, but she ended up being a character many fans rooted for.

She was very reasonable and deeply cared for the people in her life. When she decided to leave and move to California, it was a sad day for Grey’s fans.

Jackson Avery
Jackson (Jesse Williams) has been on Grey’s since Season 6, but he still doesn’t get the respect he deserves. He is the reason Meredith didn’t die when the shooter attacked the hospital — remember when he pulled those plugs off of Derek? — and he had an incredible relationship with April.

Though he’s a great doctor, he doesn’t have as many shining moments as some of the other doctors.

Ben Warren
Ben went from being an anesthesiologist to a surgeon to a firefighter all within a very short timespan. He also fell in love with Miranda and has given her so much support and guidance over the years. Though he’s left the hospital, he’s still such a calming force in his wife’s life and deserves a lot of credit for supporting her through so much.

Arizona Robbins
Justice for Arizona (Jessica Capshaw)! Arizona left the show after Season 15, but her presence is deeply missed. She’s the reason Alex is such a great surgeon and her relationship with Callie was one of the best. She always had such a positive attitude and was a really bright light in the hospital.

Jo Wilson
Jo (Camilla Luddington) is going through some difficult stuff this season, but she’s always been interesting. First off, she makes Alex very happy, which gives her many brownie points. She’s also incredibly brave and has been through so much. She’s also a supportive friend and she does her best to do what is right, even if it’s not easy.

Do you agree with our list? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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