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A Definitive Ranking Of Current Grey’s Anatomy Relationships

DeLuca Meredith Grey's AnatomyDeLuca Meredith Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy has gone through its fair share of relationships throughout the past 15 seasons. From Derek and Meredith to Lexie and Mark, a few strong romances ultimately did not work out. But, there are a couple of relationships currently going on that have fans feeling good about the future of the show.

Though this is simply SoapHub’s opinion, here is a ranking of the current Grey’s Anatomy relationships, from favorite to least favorite.

1. Nico and Schmitt: Nico (Alex Landi) came on to Grey’s Anatomy this season as the first openly gay doctor. He quickly caught the attention of resident Schmitt (Jake Borelli), and a romance was born.

Though Schmitt was initially confused about his attraction towards Nico, he quickly got past it and the two have been inseparable ever since. Not only is their relationship breaking boundaries on the show, they truly love and respect one another. Here’s hoping it lasts.

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2. Meredith and DeLuca: Not everyone has jumped on the MerLuca train just yet, but it’s no secret their chemistry is off the charts. Nobody can ever replace McDreamy, but it’s nice to see Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) fall for a sweet guy who just so happens to be younger than her!

After a few seasons of being independent, Meredith deserves to have a little fun, and who better to have fun with then DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti). Sure, some are holding out hope for the return of Dr. Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) but that looks unlikely.

3. Miranda and Ben: Miranda (Chandra Wilson) and Ben (Jason George) had fans worried there for a second when they separated early on in the season. But, because they love each other and were willing to work through their issues, they found their way back to one another.

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