Top Five Questions We Have Going Into Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things July 11, 2019Stranger Things

Season 3 of Stranger Things dropped last week on Netflix, but if you haven’t finished binging the entire season, do not go any further with your reading because we warn you — there are definite spoilers ahead!

While it did feel as if the third season was tied up nicely in a bow, we do still have questions setting up a new season of Stranger Things nicely. Between relationships, friendships, death, and destruction, there’s just so much we need to know! Here are the five major questions we have going into Season 4. See if you agree with our list below.

5. Will Steve Ever Find Love?
OK, this question is a bit superficial, but we just want the best for our beloved Steve Harrington (Joe Keery). He fell hard for Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) in Season 1, but she left him for Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton). He expressed feelings towards Robin (Maya Hawke) this season, but she revealed she’s gay. Could next season reveal the one?

4. Where Are The Byers Moving?
One of the saddest moments in all of Season 3 was seeing the Byers kids and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) say goodbye to their pals in Hawkins. We don’t blame them for wanting to move one bit, but it’ll be interesting to see where the family ends up. Will the Mind Flayer and monsters follow them? Only time and another season will tell!

3. Is Hawkins Going To Be OK?
Hawkins has taken a serious beating every single season, but it was especially destroyed during Season 3. The beloved Starcourt Mall was practically ripped to shreds and many people in the town were tragically killed. After so much pain and destruction, it’s unclear if Hawkins will be able to come back from this.

2. Will Eleven Get Her Powers Back?
Eleven lost her powers at the very end of Season 3, which means she won’t be able to spy on her friends or close the door with her mind anytime soon. While losing her powers may allow her to just be a normal kid, we have a feeling she’s going to need them back sooner than later. Is there a chance she’ll get them back?

1. Is Hopper Still Alive?
Here’s the big question everyone has — is Hopper (David Harbour) most sincerely dead? Though it seems like he he was killed, we never actually saw his dead body. Not to mention, the Russians have an American in their prison, so is that Hopper? He can’t really be dead, can he?!

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