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Five Fast Facts About Eleven on Stranger Things

Stranger Things Eleven May 31, 2019Stranger Things Eleven

Eleven has truly grown up before our very eyes. When we first met her on Stranger Things, she was shy, timid, and could barely speak. But, as we’re about to head into Season 3, Eleven’s grown up and has figured out how to function in daily life!

However, there’s a good reason why she’s had a hard time adjusting. Here are five fast facts you need to know about Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)!

Eleven was taken when she was very young and was raised in Hawkins National Laboratory because of her psychokinetic abilities. Because she’s been treated like a lab rat by those in power, she has very little in the way of social skills.

Found By Friends
She somehow manages to escape the lab and is found in the woods by three boys, Dustin, Mike, and Lucas. They take her back to Mike’s house, where she lives until everyone ends up finding out about her. She and Mike also form a very strong bond.

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Favorite Food
Eleven develops an obsession with Eggo waffles and even goes so far as to steal boxes from a local grocery store. It’s the only food she enjoys eating and isn’t interested in eating anything healthy, like vegetables.

She Has “Siblings”
Eleven finds out that she’s not the only one with psychokinetic abilities. In fact, there are many more like her out there. In Season 2, she meets a girl named Eight, who also has special powers.

New Dad
Chief Jim Hopper developed a close relationship with Eleven and even risked everything to hide her in the woods so she wouldn’t be taken away by the bad people who want to continue their experiments on her. He eventually decides to legally adopt her.

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