Five Fast Facts About Lucas Sinclair On Stranger Things

Stranger Things Lucas Sinclair July 9, 2019Stranger Things

Lucas Sinclair is one of the main kids on Stranger Things. Though Lucas isn’t necessarily one of the major characters, he has a great storyline and always comes in the clutch to save the day.

From his special weapon of choice to his very first kiss, here are five fast facts you need to know about Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) from Stranger Things!

Saved The Day
Lucas knows how to use a compass and did so to locate Hawkins National Laboratory and spotted multiple vans leaving the facility in order to go kidnap Eleven. Because Lucas was able to spot them so quickly, he alerted Mike and El and gave them a head start in order to escape. If it wasn’t for Lucas, Eleven may have been taken that day!

Weapon Of Choice
Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) has her special powers, but Lucas has his own special power — his slingshot. Lucas has used this slingshot in a number of scary situations, including attacking the demogorgons. Though the slingshot may not be as powerful as Eleven’s capabilities, it has come in handy every now and then.

Loose Lips
Lucas, Mike, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), and Will (Noah Schnapp) promised to keep Eleven’s powers a secret, that is until Max (Sadie Sink) arrived in Season 2. Lucas quickly developed a crush on Max, but wasn’t able to tell her about Eleven. However, because Lucas liked Max, he brought her to the arcade and spilled all the beans to her.

Suffered An Attack
Lucas and Max got closer, which really irritated Max’s older stepbrother, Billy (Dacre Montgomery). It was unclear if Billy didn’t like Lucas because of that or if it was because he’s racist — but it all escalated when Billy attacked Lucas at the end of Season 2. In fact, if it wasn’t for Steve, Lucas may have been killed!

First Kiss
Though Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Eleven shared their first kiss in Season 1, none of the other kids had ever kissed anyone — that is until Season 2. Lucas decided to ask Max to their middle school dance at the end of Season 2, and the couple sweetly shared their first kiss with one another on the dance floor.

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