Five Fast Facts About Tony DiNozzo on NCIS

NCIS Tony DiNozzo May 29, 2019NCIS Tony DiNozzo

Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo was a Senior Field Agent for many years before he decided to resign from the NCIS team to be a fulltime father to his daughter with Ziva. Though he left the show following Season 13, Tony’s still one of the major characters whose impact is felt on the hit show to this day.

From his unconventional upbringing to his athletic talents, here are five fast facts about very special agent Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) on NCIS!

Movie Buff
Tony’s mother took him to a lot of movies while he was growing up. In fact, it’s what turned Tony into a major movie buff and has helped him solve more than a few cases when he can draw on that knowledge. The last movie he saw with his mother was “The Little Prince,” as she sadly died when he was 8 years old.

Boarding School Kid
Following his mother’s death, Tony was sent away to boarding school for high school. He ended up attending seven different high schools in the span of four years because he kept getting expelled.

Basketball Star
Tony attended Ohio State University and was actually on the basketball team. In fact, he made it to the Final Four with his team, but they ended up losing to UCLA.

Dirty Cops
After he graduated college, Tony lived in Peoria and Philadelphia before moving to Baltimore to become a detective. However, he decided to leave Baltimore after he received an offer to join NCIS from Gibbs. Gibbs was impressed by Tony after running into him on the job and having to work with him on a case.

Father First
While working with NCIS, Tony slept with his former partner, Ziva David. When Ziva was believed to be dead, Tony found out she had his daughter, Tali, named after her late sister. He then decided to resign from NCIS in order to take care of his daughter.

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