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Five Fast Facts About Abby Sciuto on NCIS

NCIS Abby Scuito May 28, 2019NCIS Abby Scuito

Abby Sciuto, played by Pauley Perrette, was one of the most popular television show characters ever. Despite leaving the show back in Season 15, there’s no doubt Abby impacted every single member of NCIS throughout her time. And if you’re a new viewer watching the repeats on cable, you still need to know about her.

From her family life to her biggest pet peeves, here are five fast facts about the NCIS forensic scientist who loves to give out hugs and that is beloved and remembered by millions of viewers.

In the Beginning 
Abby was born in New Orleans and was give up for adoption by her birth parents. Her adopted parents were deaf, so Abby learned ASL to communicate with them (Gibbs knows it too and the two have used it to communicate with each other when needed). Her parents also had a son, Lucia Sciuto, with whom Abby was able to connect.

Past Flings
Abby had a relationship with McGee, but it was very casual back in Season 1. Though they ended the relationship a little while later, they both got jealous when the other person would spend time with the opposite sex.

Unconventional Bed
Abby’s a Goth, which means she loves wearing black, dying her hair dark, wearing a dog collar, and she has a lot of tattoos. In fact, she even sleeps inside a coffin — which was a little shocking for poor McGee!

Biggest Pet Peeve
At one point McGee reveals Abby’s biggest pet peeve is people who claim to be vegetarians but still eat chicken. Her second biggest pet peeve is when people mishandle evidence. Her co-workers did learn that if they brought Abby her favorite drink, a Caf-Pow, it may smooth things over.

On the Job
Abby was very much a surrogate daughter to Gibbs, whose own daughter was murdered. They had a very close relationship and made sure to look out for one another at all times. She never revealed that she discovered he murdered Pedro Hernandez, the man who killed his wife and daughter.

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