Five Fast Facts About Ellie Bishop on NCIS

NCIS Ellie Bishop May 27, 2019NCIS Ellie Bishop

Ellie Bishop joined the NCIS team back in Season 11 as an NSA Analyst and has been a part of the group ever since. Though she has not been around since the very beginning, she is still considered to be a very important member of Gibbs’s major case response team.

Here are five fast facts you may want to know about NCIS Special Agent Eleanore Bishop (Emily Wickersham), especially if you are a new viewer to the long-running show.

Youngest Child
Ellie is the youngest of four and has three older brothers, George, John, and Robert. She was also raised in Oklahoma, which means she’s a bit of a country girl at heart. Her mother is Barbara Bishop (Lindsay Wagner).

She originally applied to join NCIS after graduating high school, but her application was apparently denied. She then decided to join the NSA and became an analyst who examined the Middle East. That expertise brought her to the attention of Gibbs (Mark Harmon), who eventually stole her for his team.

Terrorist Targeted
While working for the NSA, Ellie’s job was to determine any potential terrorist threats. She was the first person to determine Benham Parsa as a threat and spent years of her life trying to hunt him down. She was eventually removed from the mission because she became obsessed with finding him.

Getting Personal
Ellie wore a wedding ring when she first joined NCIS, as she was married to Jake Malloy, who was an attorney for NSA. However, Jake eventually revealed he was having an affair and the pair decide to separate, with Ellie deciding they need to divorce.

Ziva’s Alive
Ellie was the first person to figure out that Ziva David is still alive after the world believed she had died in Israel. She found a letter from Ziva in a building she had rented that read, “Eleanor Bishop, for the safety of my family, please keep my secret.”

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