Five Fast Facts About Mike Wheeler on Stranger Things

Stranger Things Mike Wheeler July 1, 2019Stranger Things

As fans of the hit Netflix show will know, Mike Wheeler is the main protagonist on Stranger Things. Not only is he close with all of the boys, but he also develops a strong relationship with Eleven. He’s thrust into this crazy world of fighting monsters, but he’s always determined to keep the people he loves safe.

From his obsession with a game to his first ever kiss, here are five fast facts you need to know about Mike (Finn Wolfhard) from Stranger Things.

Dungeons & Dragons
Mike and his best friends — Lucas, Will, and Dustin — are obsessed with the game Dungeons & Dragons. The crew always plays the game for hours in Mike’s basement. Their obsession with this game actually helped them figure out what was going on with the demogorgons and mind flayer.

Friendly History 
Though Mike is very close with all three of his best friends, he was friends with Lucas and Will first. In fact, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) became a part of the friend group when he moved to their school in the fourth grade.

Life Saver
After the boys find Eleven (who had escaped the research institution) out in the woods, Mike is the one who decides to hide her in his basement. Because his parents never go down there, Mike’s able to set up a little fort for her and keep her safe.

First Kiss
Though Eleven doesn’t know a lot of words and isn’t comfortable with the outside world, she develops a strong connection to Mike. They become very close and have feelings for each other. At the end of Season 1, they have their first kiss!

Parental Units
While Mike has close friendships, he’s not very close to his parents. His father, though he’s physically present in Mike’s life, is basically checked out. His mom is also not very aware of what’s going on in his life. This strained relationship is why he clings so tightly to his friends and to Eleven.

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