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Exclusive Interview: Days of Our Lives’ Robert Scott Wilson On Cin’s ‘Never Ending Love Story’

Days of our Lives Robert Scott WilsonDays of our Lives Robert Scott Wilson

Good news for “Cin” fans. Victoria Konefal was back on set for Days of our Lives’ new cast photo, which means she’s likely started or will soon begin taping scenes as the believed-dead Ciara Brady Weston. Co-star Robert Scott Wilson discusses his thoughts on their future.

Robert Scott Wilson On Ben and Ciara

Word is that Konefal hasn’t signed a long-term contract with the soap and, instead, will be popping in and out of the Salem action. The number one person affected by that is actor Robert Scott Wilson, who plays her grieving husband Ben. So how does he feel about the pending situation and how it’s going to affect his storyline?

The New Normal
“Whatever makes her happy, I suppose,” says Wilson, regarding Konefal’s new status with the soap. “If [the Days of Our Lives brass is] willing to do that for her, I think she’s really lucky. She should take advantage of that. I hope she books something great and can do her thing.

“My main thing is I’ve got to just worry about myself. I can’t worry about Victoria or what she’s doing with the show,” continues Wilson. “I’m going to be working my ass off anyway. So as long as they’re writing for me, that’s what I’ve got to watch out for. I don’t want to just be a little piece of a story. I just want to be sure that we can keep the momentum that we had with Ben’s story moving forward.”

Welcome Back, Victoria
Not that Robert Scott Wilson won’t be thrilled to work with Konefal, again. “It will be great to have her back, whenever she does come back,” he says. “Obviously, I think we had something really great. So with Victoria, obviously, to jump back into our story and have a piece of our history would be awesome. I’m pumped to work with V. I can’t wait for her to be back, so we can get back to kicking some ass.”

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While viewers were bummed by the timing of Konefal’s exit –- right after Ben and Ciara’s romantic wedding, Wilson thought it was absolutely perfect. “Honestly, I felt like she left on top,” notes the actor, even though it wasn’t a happily-ever-after ending for the new bride.

Back Together Again
But that could all change when the character resurfaces. Obviously, Ciara and Ben fans are hoping for a reunion for the newlyweds. “We’ll see what happens in the future,” muses Wilson, who believes Days of our Lives viewers should remain hopeful. “Listen, it’s a soap opera. It’s been going on for 55 years. If we know anything, we know that some love stories will never end.”

And Wilson believes Ben and Ciara are one of them. “This will be a never-ending love story,” he promises. “Whether it be Ben and Ciara and they come back together after a few months of not seeing each other or a few years of not seeing each other, they will always be a piece of each other’s story forever.”

Love Makes Everything Better
Until that reunion happens, Wilson insists he’s “fine” by himself. “Ben’s a loner guy,” points out the actor. “He didn’t show up in Salem being a romantic lead. He showed up doing his own thing and being an independent guy. But having a counterpart that could equal him and make him that much better made everything better. Everything is better when you’ve got love in your life. Ben having Ciara just catapulted his happiness and his ability to have a more vibrant life.” Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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