On the Couch: Who Is to Blame For Chanel Dupree’s Days of our Lives Flakiness?

What role does Paulina play in her daughter’s Days of our Lives lack of responsibility?

days of our lives chanel dupree gets her turn on the soap hub therapist couchIt's Chanel Dupree's turn to sit on the couch.

We spent so much time chastising Allie for not knowing her own mind on Days of our Lives, we totally overlooked that her ex-girlfriend, Chanel Dupree, isn’t much better. She didn’t cheat on her love of the moment as many times as Allie did, but she was also pretty wishy-washy about their relationship.

Days of our Lives: On the Couch, Chanel Dupree

She didn’t want to have the threesome with Alex, but she went along with it. She definitely wasn’t completely indifferent to Johnny’s charms, even as she claimed his twin was all she wanted. Has Chanel ever made a firm decision and stuck to it? Not that we can recall. And we’re pretty sure we know why.

DAYS: Psycho II

We know it’s a psychoanalytic cliché to blame everything on the mother. But, in this case, we think the cliché has some merit. From the moment Chanel (Raven Bownes) was born, Paulina (Jackee Harry) wanted to protect her. That’s a noble goal. Up to a point. But Paulina has a tendency to go to extremes. To protect her firstborn, Lani (Sal Stowers), from Paulina’s drug-dealing, abusive ex, she handed the baby over to her sister and pretended to be her aunt for several decades.

Days of our Lives: Lawnmower Parenting

Paulina didn’t go quite as far with Chanel. But she did go out of her way to make sure her daughter never, ever suffered from the consequences of her actions. Paulina gave Chanel an unlimited credit card and told her to enjoy herself in a way Paulina never had a chance to as a child. And when Chanel made little oopsies, like having an affair with her college professor and accidentally killing his wife, Paulina used her fortune to cover up the crime.

Was it any surprise that soon afterward, Chanel was convinced Mommy would give her thousands of dollars to annul her (fake) marriage to Xander (Paul Tefler)? When you know that Mommy will always be there to clean up your mess, why should you form any habits to keep yourself from making one?

Chanel Dupree: Out on Bail

Chanel expected Paulina to bail out her failing business, and she is probably trying to think of how Paulina can make Allie come back to Salem — and be loyal to Chanel this time, too. Chanel can’t do anything right because she’s never been forced to suffer for doing anything wrong. And while she’s an adult who can no longer blame others for her mistakes — no matter how much she loves to ( did you know that Sloan is actually to blame for all her troubles now?) — her mother isn’t exactly innocent in creating this hot mess.

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