On the Couch: The Real Reason DAYS’ Brady Black Is Obsessed

This isn’t about Kristen DiMera’s issue, but Brady’s.

brady black from days of our lives sits on the soap hub couch.It's time to examine Brady Black.

On the one hand, we completely understand why Brady Black doesn’t want his little girl anywhere near her biological mother on Days of our Lives. Kristen is insane. And a criminal. And insane. But pulling out a gun and threatening to kill Kristen doesn’t exactly speak well of Brady’s mental health, either.

One the Couch: Brady Black

We comprehend wanting to protect your child from her nutty mama. But has Brady (Eric Martsolf) gone above and beyond in making it happen? We think so, and here’s why we think that is.

DAYS: Deja Vu All Over Again

How many times has Brady been furious with Kristen (Stacy Haiduk)? Quite a lot. How many times has Brady threatened to have nothing to do with Kristen ever again? Quite a lot. And how many times has Brady gone back on that vow? More times than he would like. And, aye, there’s the rub.

Brady Black: Time and Again

Brady was very, very angry at Kristen for putting on a Nicole (Arianne Zucker) mask and tricking him into having sex with her. (We assume it was an all-body mask, so all the other parts matched up too.) But then Kristen turned up pregnant from the encounter. Brady swore that he would be there for his child, but he would not be there for Kristen. That…didn’t last long.

During the Salem year that Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) slept through and we all missed, it seems that Brady and Kristen bonded over her pregnancy. And then over the loss of their baby. Except little Rachel wasn’t dead. She’s just spent the first few months of her life as Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) and Eric’s (Greg Vaughan) daughter, Mackenzie. Rachel brought Brady and Kristen together once. And now Brady is afraid she’ll do it again.

Too Close For Days of our Lives Comfort

Brady isn’t afraid of what will happen if Kristen spends time with Rachel (Finley Rose Slater). Brady is afraid of what will happen if he spends time with Kristen and Rachel. And that’s why he’s fighting so hard to keep them apart.

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