Days of our Lives Baby Mine: Should Brady Black Let Kristen See Rachel?

Is Rachel more DiMera than she is Black on DAYS?

brady black doesn't want rachel with kristen on days of our lives.Should Kristen DiMera be allowed to see Rachel?

Kristen figured now that she was out of jail on Days of our Lives, the path was clear for her to reunite with Precious Rachel — Brady Black be damned. “Uh, no,” Brady said, “you are still the evilest evil who ever evil, and Rachel is so sweet and innocent and goodness personified, that I can’t have you around her.”

Days of our Lives Polling

Is Brady (Eric Martsolf) making the right call? What over 2,000 child custody experts had the following to say about it.

DAYS: Duck and Cover, Brady Black

Does Brady really want to go to court again, 18% of the audience is sighing. The last time he and Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) duked it out over Rachel (Finley Rose Slater), Brady almost lost…despite his little girl’s mother being a criminal multiple times over. He can’t risk it again.

Brady Black: Keep Your Days of our Lives Distance

Brady couldn’t be more right, 39% cheer. There is nothing good about Kristen. Even her love for Rachel is twisted. She only used the kid for her own purposes and doesn’t care if she hurts Rachel in the process. Who benefited from Rachel hating Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin)? It sure wasn’t Rachel! Kristen was willing to steal the girl and go on the run, making sure Brady would never see her again. He is completely justified in doing the same to Kristen.

Days of our Lives: Children First

But in the end, 43% want Brady to share custody with Kristen. Not because it’s best for Rachel, but because she will keep throwing a fit until she gets her way. And we are so not here for that. Rachel is a brat who wants to control the lives of the adults around her.

So, fine. Let her! Let her get attached to Kristen, again. And then let Kristen screw up and disappoint her, again. Let it keep happening over and over again. Until Rachel realizes that her mother is exactly who Brady has been warning her about. Maybe then she’ll believe it.

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