Days of our Lives Performer of The Week: Stacy Haiduk

Days of our Lives Performer of the Week

On Days of our Lives, Stacy Haiduk nailed it, once again for the week of March 1-5, 2021! While it’s common to see an actor taking duo roles as twins, it’s rare to see someone play both people during multiple scenes throughout the week so hilariously! So, for mastering both so seamlessly, we salute Haiduk AND the actors from DOOL who shared scenes with her.

Stacy Haiduk — Performer of the Week

Whether she is playing Susan as Kristen or vice versa, Haiduk stood out in so many scenes this week, as her faces and comedic timing continue to simply steal the show. When most actors would worry about messing up their persona when they play one twin or the other, Haiduk and the writers from Days managed to use that concern to their full advantage.

A big part of what made these scenes crack viewers up so much was when Kristen and Susan would briefly fall out of character and then scramble to convince whoever they were talking to that she was who they thought. When an actor can master the biggest hurdle to their utter advantage, that’s Daytime Emmy material.

Two stand-out Lucille Ball-type scenes that come to mind are when Kristen as Susan became a don’t you be flirting or inching your way too close to my man bulldog with Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin). The comedic timing of slapping the muffins that Chloe brought Brady (Eric Martsolf) twice out of his hand just as he was about to take a scrumptious bite and then trying to explain with some outlandish reason why he couldn’t eat them, was utterly brilliant.

Scenes like this are when an actor, no matter how talented, can’t pull it off and be as great as Haiduk was, without her surrounding players. Martsolf and Bjorlin excelled at their comedic timing as well in their reactions and managing somehow to not completely bust out laughing! Chloe really hit the target when Susan showed her to the door and tried her best to be polite after being so rude. Chloe simply replied, “Oh, give me a break!”

By far the best scene of the week, though, was when Lani  (Sal Stowers) visited her best friend in prison. Susan as Kristen fell in and out of character a few times when she got fired up about Brady and Chloe spending too much time together. Being the steady best friend she is, Lani reminded Kristen of what they used to do in the convent where it was so peaceful. They would work in the garden or the kitchen, she said, and then would go to the chapel and just talk to God.

Lani goes into prayer mode and is very sincere and angelic. She asks her Heavenly Father to please watch over Kirsten right now. It’s a touching moment between the besties when most people would respond in an equally angelic way. But this is Susan.

Susan replied, “Lord, Jesus, please keep that hateful slut Chloe from taking away my Brady! And lead him not into temptation when she leans over in that the low-cut dress and push-up bra. And deliver him from evil! And when I say evil, you know what I’m talking about.”

Classic! Then Stowers nailed her own comedic timing. She perfectly responded with the oddest looking face and simply just said, “Amen.”

Thank you to the writers of Days and actors Haiduk, Stowers, Martsolf, and Bjorlin for comedy gold this week! We all need to laugh more and to deliver these scenes along with all the suspense and emotion that Days constantly delivers, is a job beyond well done! Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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