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B&B’s Flip-Flopping Liam Spencer Deserves To Be Totally Alone

It is time for Liam Spencer to take stock of his life and make some behavior modifications.

the bold and the beautiful liam spencer all alone.Liam Spencer deserves to be alone.

Is there a more frustrating character on all of daytime than The Bold and the Beautiful’s flip-flopping Liam Spencer? One minute, he’s madly in love with Hope and crushed that he caught her kissing Thomas. Seconds later, he’s kissing Steffy, and a couple of weeks after that, pledging his eternal love to her. That’s why the constantly vacillating character deserves to be totally alone.

Bold and the Beautiful: Ping Pong Paramour

Does Liam (Scott Clifton) actually know who he truly loves? Is he even capable of figuring it out? The answer appears to be a hard no. A man devoted to a woman doesn’t change his mind so easily. His feelings don’t instantly shift from woman A to woman B.

If it’s so absolutely effortless for Liam to ping pong back and forth between Hope (Annika Noelle) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), he obviously sees the two as interchangeable. When one’s not living up to his standards, he just shifts his focus to the other. That’s not fair to Hope or Steffy. They both deserve better. They deserve a man who’s devoted to them and only them.

B&B: Solo Act

As for Liam, he doesn’t deserve either of them. For years Hope stood by his side and forgave his indiscretions. Yet the one time she had a lapse in judgment and simply kissed another man, he deemed it unforgivable. He wouldn’t even consider affording her the same grace she’d given him in the past.

Instead, Liam thought he could just slide back into Steffy’s life. He had no regard for the fact that she was a happily married woman. He showed no respect for her husband, Finn (Tanner Novlan), and their family. He just did what he always does, move from one woman to the next, and it’s absolutely deplorable.

Liam needs to take a time out from love and romance to get his head straight. Then, and only then, will he be worthy of moving on with another woman. Until then, he deserves to be totally alone.

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